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  • TheListener

    I don't recall seeing this discussed yet but it bothers me that the May ??, 2005 Awakes last page has a review section for families.

    I know that technicall it is a good thing, teaching our children and encouraging them to be dubs and all. But, as a fader, it's features like this and articles on families/child rearing that make a quiet fade difficult.

    I like it better when they ignore kids or tell them what they aren't allowed to do. That works in the favor of a fader.

    I'm hoping that this Awake feature won't be a regular thing. Does anyone know if it will be?

  • blondie

    I noticed that too and thought great they had to add written questions to the service meeting parts and now this. Love makes parents and children interact and discuss topics of common interest, not a programmed set of questions in an Awake article. Sounds they they are dumbing down the Awake rather than elevating its content.

    Time will tell.

    Reminds me of the part in the New Boy book at Bethel telling them to "flush thoroughly."


  • jaffacake

    You get all that with Christian publications too, except more biblical love etc. Love and trust without the hatred and fear,

  • Neo

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