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  • Chia

    I am moving to another area in the same state. I feel this move is necessary for my sanity. My question is, does anyone have any advice for me, regarding budgeting/money matters? I want this move to be as successful as possible.

    Also if anyone lives in the capital region of NY, I would appreciate any advice regarding the area, jobs, living, good neighborhoods, as I am a young woman that will be living alone.

    Thanks so much.

  • Emma

    Congratulations on your independence. I would simply say, live within your means. When it gets right down to it, there are few real necessities. Once you get used to your budget, you'll be able to loosen up.


  • candidlynuts

    use cash instead of credit as much as possible..

    when packing for the move throw away as much crapola as you can.

    and enjoy!

  • Chia

    Thanks for your advice! Another question (I'm on a roll here) is how much money should I have saved up before I move? Right now, I'm struggling to save money. I really don't shop very much, but it seems like these expenses just come out of nowhere that deplete my account. For instance, I had to pay $500 deductible for an accident that wasn't my fault(but the other driver's insurance only agreed to pay 80%, and that was unacceptable to me--going to arbitration). So how much should I save before I move away?

  • tweety

    Most places need a security deposit and the first months rent. You also need money aside for Cable, Telephone hookups. You need to switch over your name to the electic/gas company.

    Security Deposit for $500.00 - $650.00 (this varies, depending on your location)

    First Months Rent: $500.00 - $650.00

    Cable Hookup: $50 - $80

    Telephone: $80

    Hope that helps Dee

  • bikerchic

    Good list tweety, I'll add a bit to it from my recent experience in moving:

    Moving Van no idea on cost as it varies (you can go to they have a moving kit with lots of suggestions which may help you plan better)

    Moving boxes figure $2.00 a box and higher plus packing material

    Gas mega bucks!

    Food and Motel expenses while traveling

    If you do as I did and put it on a credit card figure the expense of interest rate while you pay it off.

    Happy packing!


  • Carmel

    Remember plastic surgery! Yes indeed! Every young person should have it! Simply take out the sizzers and cut up all the plastic in your wallet and you will have full recovery.


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