2/3rd's vote to elect a new Pope, sounds familiar

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  • catchthis

    Yesterday, my wife told me about a comment someone mentioned at the meeting on Sunday. Supposedly, they said something about how the cardinals elect a new Pope with a 2/3rd's majority vote and that was funny considering the new Pope will be next to God himself. If God knew who he wanted, shouldn't the vote end up at 100%? Why isn't the Holy Spirit Ghost directing the cardinals as it does the Governing Body? Well, I just couldn't not say anything so I perked up and said, "Well you know that the GB also decides on new doctrines with a 2/3rd's vote too." She said, "How would you know that?" "Oh, I think I read about it somewhere."

    I badly wanted to say, "Here, read this book written by an ex-GB member."

    I think the comment made above at the hall just goes to show that there are quite a few witnesses who believe that the GB makes its decisions through prayer and such - that Jah is truly directing their steps. There's no way that witness would have made that comment if everyone knew the real truth.

  • Crumpet

    catchthis - well spotted. I had exactly the same conversation with my b/f on Sunday night - from the point of view - isn't it incredible I can spot all these things now! he was really pleased with me - that I am making such progress, that I can start to see things normally! And I attributed it to this board.

  • gumby

    I thought the same thing when I read about the next pope in the paper.

    You don't realise until you leave the borg....of how many phrases and terminologies the witnesses use that the world also uses. Words such as "Stepping Down, Governing Body", and such, have been used long before the dubs starting using the same phrases.....yet most dubs 'born into the religion', think the witnesses have patents on these words.


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