What is the furtherest your car group traveled to a return visit that counted as time?

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  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    Growing up I lived in the middle of Florida in the southern part. I had a friend whose father was an Elder, and would stay at their homes during the weekends. One of the "rules", as we all know JW love rules, was that who ever spent the night had to go out in field service on Saturday. At first I dreaded the idea of being forced into field service. My dad wasn't a witness and my mother wasn't uber, so I had little pressure at home. But it turned out not to be a big deal.

    The Elder would do a return visit on Saturday to a gator farm, out in the middle of no where. It was an hour drive, and mostly entailed us watching gators be fed and harvested. So, one return visit was 2 hours in driving, and about 2 hours of BSing.

  • Ignoranceisbliss
    Sounds like my kind of morning. I am an expert at wasting time preaching. Never drove that far though. Prob 45 minutes is the max. A normal morning now entails 2 RVs, one nada-home, break, 1 RV and call it a day.
  • cleanideas
    I used to live in a small rural town in Missouri.  It was common to drive a good 1 to 1 1/2 hours to the territory, work for 15-30 min, and then drive back.  It was a great way to make time.  We were a group of young pioneers ages 15-20 (several home schooled kids) so you can just imagine the craziness involved.  Was actually fun but once I moved to the city I stepped down as a pioneer, no way I was going to door knock for 3+ hours in a day.  LOL!  
  • the truth is mine
    the truth is mine
    the territory in one hall i attended encompassed parts of three states.we would drive from the hall which was centrally located to one end of the territory, about an hour and a half, then go all the way to the other end of the territory and then back home. Five or more hours, two calls, both of which were likely not home, total waste of time. 
  • wannaexit

    i was in a foreign language group and so we traveled back and forth across the city. I would say the furthest was 1 hour one way.

    So travel 1 hour do a few calls and drive 1 hour back.

  • Phizzy

    I persuaded a guy to come out in the FS work with me one Saturday afternoon, I knew he hated FS, yet was a wannabe Elder, so he agreed. I was just stirring the pot as usual.

    He had got hold of a Slip from the Soc about following up on a Subscription that had not been renewed, yup, it was that long ago !, so said to me, "let's call on this guy, he may well be very interested."

    What he didn't tell me was that this guy lived about 35 miles away, so it took us all the afternoon to go there, find he was certainly not interested, and return back home.

    I realised then that the wannabe Elder had some nifty ways to waste time, and yet still count it !

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    When we pioneered as a newly married couple that is all we did was drive. We would make one call in town than drive an hour and a half to the territory do five to six homes than drive to the other end of the territory another hour drive and do a couple of doors five or six then drive back to where we had been. I am a very active person so sitting in the car that long I was going crazy.

    Plus no one wanted to use their car in service so they would all pile into our small Honda Civic. My husband would pack 7 into our car. 4 in the back and 3 in the front. Even though I was the wife and half owner of the car I always had to sit in the middle of the back set as the brothers had to sit in the front and the sisters all sat in the back. There was not enough seat belts for everyone of course and my husband said that it was OK for them not to be belted in because the law said you had to wear a seat belt but if there was not one available for use that it was OK for them not to be belted. I was always holding my breath that we did not get in a accident as the third person sitting in the front straddling the gear sift would have been killed.

    Looking back it was total craziness. Our car would bottom out all the time with all the weight in it. Plus it looked insane for this tiny car to come up to someone's home packed with people and everyone had to have their turn which meant that sometimes half the car would have to get out to let those like myself trapped in the back to get out then when we came back to the car they would get back out to let us in. I used to be so miserable as I would most days only get out three or four times in 8 to ten hours of sitting. And to top it all off most of the other pioneers hated me and would not speak to me. So here I am packed into my car and everyone talking around me like I am not even there.

    I was so depressed that I would sometimes think of bring a razer blade and slitting my wrists no joke, I really just wanted to die, I hated my life so much. I would wonder if anyone in the car would even care if I bleed out or if they would just stop the car and shove me out and keep driving.  

    Looking back those times just seem so dark and depressing and sick. Whenever I would bring up that it was crazy and insane to drive and drive and drive and drive and drive, plus no one helped us with gas money so it was all our money being wasted, I was told the angles were watching and happy we were trying to reach just one person. 

    It's all just so sad and crazy.




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