Larry King and Religion

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  • Shania

    I was watching an interesting exchange of Ideas between religious leaders last night on Larry King. There was a Rabbi, Born Again, Catholic Priest, Muslum,and an Atheist. I will admit a year ago I would of clicked right by such a discussion, but I found the topics they were discussing interesting. For the first time, I appreciated another religions point of view instead of dismissing them like they are false and no good and God is going to destroy them in the end. What I came away with after hearing their views on life after death is ----NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE------------SO ENJOY THIS LIFE NOW BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT WE KNOW FOR SURE!!!!!!!!! That is such a true statement.........they all got along, no fighting, no saying your wrong and we are right--------I found it very enlightening not to have a prejudice attitude.........

    Did anyone happen to watch it?

  • DevonMcBride

    I watched it too. They were all interesting but the Born Again was annoying.

  • Bas

    I watched a little, it was on CNN international, but it was really late and I had to go to bed. The impression I got was that Larry is an atheist himself and had those believers in the defense with his superior views.b

  • Carmel

    I watched a little but had to get back to West Wing! I find most of the discussions like that to annoying as they are constrained by the production of the show and can't really delve deeply into a subject.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    They were all interesting but the Born Again was annoying.

    Aint' that the truth. I too found the show interesting, but the "holier-than-thou" born again needed was driving me nuts. btw, I think Larry King is an agnostic .... a real "searcher" .... he just doesn't know what he believes. I believe his current wife is LDS.

  • DevonMcBride

    Larry King was born Jewish, is now either an Atheist or Agnostic, and married to a Mormon.

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