A poem - tell me what you think - I am posting for someone else

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  • schne_belly

    The slave has lied to me for years

    When I think of it ? my eyes fill with tears

    1914-18-25-75 ? All wrong dates

    Yet they would seal my fate.

    Regimentation, abuse and rudeness prevail

    The love of many has grown stale.

    If on doors we do not call

    There will be no new faces at the Hall.

    Growth is at a near stand still

    Could this really be God?s will?

    The elders are appointed judges by God

    With almost no training ? isn?t that odd

    Three men in the backroom disfellowship all

    Who, for some unspoken reason, may stumble or fall

    Not speaking to them will never end

    Families broken with no chance to mend

    This is God?s house ? or so they say

    God?s visible organization that he uses today

    A worldwide Christian brotherhood they have made

    A foundation for organizational worship has been laid

    Meetings are priority number one!

    Certainly not the Father or Son

    They fired Jesus in 1985

    Organizational worship could now survive

    Mind control has taken over now

    To the organization we can bow

    They control our conscience and every move

    Strict organizational obedience we must prove

    Just try to leave and you will find

    This organization is so unkind

    No matter what the problem ? it was always me

    The Slave will never take responsibility

    Let?s pray to God and hope he hears

    Before more damage to our heart and mind comes near

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow

    That some day truth about the truth people will know.

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  • bennyk

    Hi, Schne-

    Good Stuff! We got our copy of the poem in the US mail this morning (already congratulated the Poet!), also a copy of the poem which "inspired" the REBUTTAL. Maybe you'd like to post the other as well, so we can see a fine example of the Lemming-thought-process which is so much a part of the JW-subculture....

  • Bas

    It's simple but carries alot of information and truth in my opinion, I think it's goodb

  • inbyathread

    The poet has found the truth about the truth.

    My congratulations.

  • fairchild

    Who is the author of this piece? And would you like a general opinion, or a line by line poet's critique?

    interesting piece indeed..

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