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  • candidlynuts

    its on right now but if you missed it , it replays on cnbc and i think bravo later this week.

    NEW YORK (AP) -- For some viewers, NBC's miniseries based on the Book of Revelation may seem the latest signpost on the road to Armageddon.

    "Revelations" premieres less than two weeks after the death of Pope John Paul II. Meanwhile, the right-to-die battle waged over Terri Schiavo echoes in the series, in the character of a Miami girl who is declared brain-dead after being struck by lightning -- then is witnessed speaking the word of God.

    But judged as television, not an omen of the End Times, "Revelations" isn't much of a revelation. Instead, it makes for pretty standard popcorn fare. If the end of the world really is near, you might consider spending your limited time on something better than this creepy, gloomy show.

    The only hour of the six episodes made available for review (airing 9 p.m. EDT Wednesday) sets up "Revelations" as a good-vs.-evil slugfest packed with turgid dialogue and lots of lightning and thunder. It's a divine twist on "The X-Files," complete with skeptic and believer in an uneasy partnership.

    Dr. Richard Massey (Bill Pullman) is a Harvard professor and renowned astrophysicist, the ultimate secularist for whom any question has a scientific answer.

    He has been sought out by Sister Josepha Montifiore (the comely Natascha McElhone), an Oxford-educated nun convinced that Massey can help her prove the second coming of Jesus Christ -- who just might be an infant miraculously saved from a shipwreck in the Greek isles.

    Sister Jo approaches Massey at a pivotal moment. He is reeling from the ritualistic murder of his 12-year-old daughter at the hands of Isaiah Haden (Michael Massee), a demented satanist who ate the girl's heart and now predicts the triumph of dark forces in the end.

    And the end may be just around the corner.

    "I know, it sounds preposterous," allows Sister Jo when recruiting Massey's help. "But as a fellow scholar I can tell you that all the signs and symbols set forth in the Bible are currently in place for the End of Days."

    Want to bet Massey will buy into that?

    "Believe whatever you want to," he scoffs at Sister Jo, whereupon she fires back, "Deny whatever you want to."

    Just keep the story moving.

  • kls

    Didn't watch it and after reading this i am glad. Enough of the doom and gloom crap already.


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  • candidlynuts


    bill pullman is a fave of mine .. he is pretty good in this so far.

  • MattieSus

    Have to agree.

    After all, what did folks expect when they went to see the movie, "Armageddon"?

    It's all just Hollywood which equates to the almighty dollar.

  • DanTheMan

    lol, NBC pursuing the evangelical demographic, what a bunch of losers

  • candidlynuts

    they're trying to replace Friends with Jesus!

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