Immigrants, Travellers and Asylum Seekers

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  • nicolaou

    I hate how large swathes of British society have turned against these groups 'en-masse'. Any immigrant, any traveller or any asylum seeker seems to be labelled almost instantly as a sponger, fraudster, criminal or terrorist - and God help them if they happen to be Black or Asian!

    There are undoubtedly many rotten apples in these particular barrels but there also many much need doctors & nurses, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, skilled workers and unskilled labourers who are willing to do the menial, repetitive work to which so many Brit's turn their nose up.

    I'm not suggesting that we throw the doors open and let everyone in but I just wish that everyone was a little more tolerant and gave the issues a little more thought. Racism is rampant and growing. I love Britain and I'm proud to be British but in this particular area I feel somewhat ashamed of us.


  • nicolaou

    Guess it's just me then.

  • fairchild

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