Follow Jehovahs celestial chariot where ever it may go...

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    This is the article that kicked off many of the changes that are being made (new kingdumb halls) and the new WBATS we see today. I guess it was their way of saying: "I told you so"...

    I have to say their Brand management, PR staff and Rebranding is amazing! They rival Apple when it comes to their level of marketing!!! Hey when you have several billion in assets and no real overhead your able to afford only the best and anything you do with access to that type of cash flow (Mandatory donations) will look like a blessing from the great good Jehovah to the average Rank & File JW! They are even doing commercials/ music videos now so go figure! It's to the point that I'm no longer flustered and angered by it, it's just become all so surreal and truly hilarious to boot! I can't stop laughing! Ha

    It's not a "RELIGION" its a "COMPANY", and the WT magazine is just their employee handbook, and it's revised (adjustments) every so often, so keep up or you will be FIRED (DF'ed)!



    Jehovah wanted us never to forget that we are part of a universal organization. There is much more going on in support of Jehovah’s purposes than what we can see. For example, Ezekiel saw the invisible part of Jehovah’s organization depicted by a colossal celestial chariot. This chariot could move swiftly and change direction in an instant.  (Ezek. 1:15-21) With each revolution of its wheels, the chariot could cover great distances. In vision, Ezekiel was also able to get a glimpse of the Rider of the chariot. He said: “I got to see something like the glow of electrum, like the appearance of fire all around . . . It was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of Jehovah.” (Ezek. 1:25-28) How awe-inspiring it must have been for Ezekiel to see this vision! He saw Jehovah in full control of his organization, directing its movement through his holy spirit. What an amazing representation of the heavenly part of Jehovah’s organization on the move!

    11 How do we demonstrate our support for the arrangements made by Jehovah’s organization? One important way is by always putting our confidence in the ones whom Jehovah and Jesus are trusting to lead us in our preaching work. There are many activities or causes in the world today that could vie for the attention of those taking the lead among us. Yet, what has consistently been the focus of the visible part of Jehovah’s organization?

  • freein2004

    I find it all quite interesting and impressive too. This new change will delight so many. Especially the materialistic dubs they will be thrilled to have a new and modern KH. Many of them are over the moon for the new assembly halls.

    These poor dubs are really blind. Really Jehovah needs all new commercial kingdumb halls now. And they all must look exactly the same? Jehovah who can make the rocks speak if need be needs new khs to bring in more people. His chariot has been speeding up for so god damn long now. Perhaps it sped up so much so that it got lost into oblivion. Are they sure they still have sight of it? I think it left them in the dust ages ago.

  • WTWizard

    And who is going to pay for all this?  With what?  Already, unemployment (and not the watered down lies they tell, the real unemployment) is around 25% (including those working part time when they want full time).  I suppose they are using welfare benefits to pay for this--I would be pxxxed to learn my tax dollars are being wasted on this.  This, to me, would be an abuse of welfare.

    Obviously, they are not paying attention to astrology or the state of the dollar.  The dollar is doomed.  What are they going to do when they have committed 500 or more toilet papers a month to this?  The value of this is going to go down in a big hurry once hyperinflation begins.  I can only hope the washtowel suffers badly when that happens.  They will be still getting 500 toilet papers a month, and they will not be able to revalue it unless they make another resolution.  No one is going to have the silver or gold to make the new contributions, so the washtowel gets to take a bath.

    Or, what happens to the publishers.  Say, your share has been 10 toilet papers a month.  With that kind of money, you could have bought two silver quarters and a silver dime per month.  If the dollar takes the first opportunity to become toilet paper in April 2015 (the best thing to assume), you would have had 16 silver quarters and 8 silver dimes in 8 months of contributing this amount.  Not a huge amount by any standards.  But, given that the denarius (a full day's wage) was 1/10 ounce of silver, it would have bought you a little room to figure out what you are going to do next.  But, if you wasted it all on this arrangement, you will have nothing.

    And, when you have nothing, what are you going to give to pay for this?  Remember, their debt will be revalued--unlike what you pledged to give.  You are better off with the silver.  Let them figure out how to pay for this.  Better, let their joke-hova pay for it.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Most will not realize that the Borg has again slipped their hands into their backpockets & wallets.


  • freein2004

    Yep! A lot of Dubs are going to be super busy volunteering to notice anything is wrong here. The rest will be thrilled watching all the new building work over the internet. Impressed by all the smoke in mirrors digging into their purse strings saying: "Jehovah, Jehovah, do more do more!" Ha! Terribly sad and quite hysterical too.

    Where was the love in Lett's talk? This is a man Jesus chose to care for his people? He couldn't say anything to the dubs barely making ends meet to make them feel okay about not being able to give $$$. Or to those who can't offer physical help? He did mention some can help in different ways but there was no real love there that I heard. It was all just cold matter a fact requests to give Jehovah however you can with his timed smiles here and there.

    And of course using scriptures to remind them that it is Jehovah who is asking for all this crap not the GB. Oh Brother! When I'm not laughing about this I am pissed and disgusted!

    WTWIZARD Rank & File JW's are already footing the bill and have been since last year when they rolled out their mandatory monthly donation plan... It's amazing actually!!!
  • OrphanCrow

    Jehovah's celestial chariot:

    LMAO OprhanCow good one!!! You have to see the new JW Cart video on the JWBroadcasting website it is a full on CULT mode video!!! LMAO
  • freein2004

    Ha Ha OrphanCrow!

    Yes that Trolly Cart song is absolutely bonkers!


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