Movie: What the bleep do we know?

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  • karly

    I'm sorry if I am starting a topic on a subject that has been raised here before but has anyone here seen this movie: What the bleep do we know?

  • drwtsn32

    This movie has probably had more threads started than any other!

    I'd like to see that water experiment validated. It seems incredible to me. (BTW, we are ~70% water not 90% like the movie claims.)

    Also, the movie made it seem simple for someone to walk on water. Why didn't they show someone actually performing this amazing feat? :)

    Overall the movie was ok, but I couldn't get over the bad science. I am forgiving of bad science when it's in an entertaining movie, but not when it claims to be a documentary or real science. Plus when I found out this "documentary" was funded by a cult whose leader channels information from a dead 35,000 year old warrior, well, I sort of lost all respect for it. hehe

  • Pistoff

    Check the web; I am not sure about the science of that program. It seems to be a commercial for the Ramtha Enlightment College, or some such silliness. One of the scientific presenters is a chiropractor. I liked it too; I just can't quite figure out what they were trying to say.

  • darkuncle29

    I'm a bit irked by this as the "bad" science gives all of us people with "Alternative" belief systems a bad rap. (Not all of us are Tofu eating Vegetarian Nazi Vegans)--not that that is wrong, it just is like yet another way of believing that divides people. And I do occationally eat soy, but that is beside the point.

    I am playing around with the water thing myself at home, just not photographing the ice crystals. I do believe that "something" is going on here that is currently outside the realm of "normal" science. I think it is just a matter of wording the right theory to unify the opposing ideas.

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