Kingdom Hall Web Page - Is this for real?

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  • TresHappy
    Kingdom Hall Jehovahs Witnesses
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    Kingdom Hall Jehovahs Witnesses
    55 Kootenai Rural Rd
    Libby, MT. 59923


    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Prayer meetings and fellowship
    Sunday schools
    Church traditions
    We also have bible studies and meetings for spiritual growth

    We Gladly Accept

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  • RunningMan

    It can only be a gag - either a piece of satire or a church looking to snag the unwary.

  • Gopher

    Sunday schools? Church traditions?

    This is bogus.

    Is this the link?

    When I pulled up this website (which points to the same city and phone number), it talks about "hours of operation" being 8 am to 5pm weekdays, and closed on weekends. Now what Kingdom Hall you know about is closed on weekends?

    I did a Yahoo search on the Kingdom Hall in Libby, Montana and it lists a different phone number (406-293-2179) and a different street name (55 River Road, not 55 Kootenai Rural Road -- unless those are both the same.)

    I guess anyone who's really curious can call the number listed on the site! Ask them about their Sunday school! (I would have liked having that at the Kingdom Hall when I was a kid... Anything would have been more interesting to a kid then those long public talks.)

  • xjw_b12

    LOL Now THAT's an Apostate site !

  • iiz2cool

    Probably a hoax, but saying they gladly accept donations does give it some credibility.


  • Gopher

    Using and the phone number on this site (406-293-7168), you find someone named "Gerald D Robins". Is this guy a real JW?

  • xjw_b12

    Hey Gopher, you made Supreme One. Congrats

  • Gopher

    Thanks XJW. I feel like an old-timer here. I still like reading and posting here occasionally!

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