Re: 70 weeks of years prophecy: What was the beginning date for that?

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    The Leological One

    All Bible readers who are interested in proving the timing for the Messiah would be familiar with the 70 weeks of years prophecy mentioned in Daniel chapter 9. Are there any discrepancies in the Watchtower's dating of 29 C.E.?

    From what I just read out of the Daniel book, the call to restore Jerusalem came out in 455 B.C.E. Is this accurate? What secular evidence do we have for Christ's appearance in 29 C.E.? The disciple Luke mentions in Chapter 3 that the Messiah appeared in the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar when Pontius Pilate and Herod were ruling Judea and Galilee, respectively. Is this accurate?

    There has been an argument over 607BCE and 539BCE and frankly it makes me question whether the 455BCE date was accurate in fortelling the Messiah. Since the Bible has to harmonize throughout it's pages to be proven true, its prophecies must be accurately predicted.


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