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  • coffee_black

    This takes a minute to load, but I think it's really special


    Ooooooh you may have to cut & paste it. I can't seem to make the link work...sorry


  • talesin

    That was beautiful. It's how I feel about life, too ... tell people today.

    It's too bad they had the towers in the background. I found that a bit traumatizing, to be honest. Nature would have been much more calming.



  • Elsewhere

    People tend to remember to good times and forget the bad... this is why so many people long for "the good-ol-days".

    People have been complaining about "how bad things are getting" since the beginning of time.

    As the saying goes: The more things change the more they stay the same. What this means is that even though technology, religion, goverment and even society changes, humans, at the core, continue to think and behave exactly the same as they always have.

    Humans are also very optimistic. This is why they long for a greater future just as much as they long for the past. Too bad so few see the present the same way they see the past and future. In the end they are all the same.

  • delilah

    THANX........i needed that!!!! What a beautiful thing to ponder....made my day..


  • Qcmbr

    Really liked that thanks

  • EvilForce

    Sorry if I disagree with your viewpoint on this link...but I found the verbiage to be cheap platitudes and feel good imagery.

    I disagree with lots of the assumptions. Life is very good and one must strive to keep onself balanced and to live as simply as possible :)

  • Bas

    Those twin towers actually made me think about my parents, how they stand out from all the other people and how they can be gone just like that.

    The words to be honest, I found them to be a bit cliche but then again most cliches have truth in them.


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