Memorial references - Help needed!

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  • AuntieJane

    Hi, I just had a JW at my door. I just listened to her, took her magazines. If she comes back, I'd like to ask her about the March 8 AWAKE, on the back cover it has an "invitation" to the Most significant Meeting of the Year. The scriptures quoted, Mark 14:22-24 say...take and eat, take and drink. Now, I know they do not all partake, but instead pass the b & w around.

    Any good questions I can have ready for her would be appreciated. I want to use this article only, not get into other stuff. It also refers to John 3:16...Whosoever believes in Him shall have eternal life. Well, MY Bible indicates this to be Jesus...and it says right there that believing in Jesus will give us Eternal Life. I didn't think that was a JW teaching, I'm confused???

  • tijkmo

    jw belief is that only 144000 go to heaven... they get immortality not eternal life...they are the ones that partake of the bread and wine..all the other millions of jws get eternal life..but they are going to live forever on the earth

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