Tax Time - would you report fraud?

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  • CaptK

    If you know a JW member in good standing that openly proclaims his views to cheat on taxes and not pay his fair share but takes a hard stance on reporting individuals because his conscience would bother him if he hears of immorality. What would you do?

    Be a whistle blower?

    A) Call the the IRS to review his records?

    B) Call the elders in his area?

    C) Leave it go as the JW's say "Jehovah will take care of the matter"

    I am d'f so no one will listen to me

    PS ...I do not want a lawsuit or a brick thrown at my car from a good JW if they find out it came from me....any advice is greatly appreciated.

  • talesin

    No. I don't 'report' people to the government unless they are harming children or something else I consider needs to be stopped.

    And why would a DF person want to report something to the elders and cause misery for someone else's family unless they were a child molester or spouse-beater or something? (rhetorical question)

    Nope, I don't 'get' it. ;)


  • Purza

    We thought about reporting my fiancee's ex and the alimony she does not count as income. However, in some instances we believe in Karma -- and thought better than to get involved.


  • Carmel

    Keep your nose out of other people's pooh!


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