A Rigged Game

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    When I was a young teenager, I went to London for a big convention.

    While sightseeing in the centre of London, my friend and I stopped to watch a guy offering people the chance to win easy money - simply by picking the correct playing card out of three which he put on a little table.

    He called it, "Find the lady". (aka 3 card Monte) Never having seen it before, I thought this was so easy to win money, but as an unbaptized Witness, gambling was wrong, so I didn't participate.

    On returning home after the convention ended, I related this experience to my non-Witness dad. He told me in no uncertain terms, never to go near people like that, because they were con-men and the game was rigged!

    The moral of the story:

    JW dot ORG is a rigged game which you can only lose!

    If you're walking past and are invited to "come and look", (study/visit a KH) keep on walking!

    If you stop to check it out, (Study/visit a KH) don't commit to "playing the game".

    If you start playing the game (get baptized as a JW automaton) and then realise it's rigged, stop playing and stand back from the table or walk away - i.e. stop donations, field service, Ministry school, and regular meeting attendance, as soon as your personal/family circumstances allow!

  • Rattigan350
    How is the card game rigged and how can we win?

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