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  • candidlynuts

    thruout the bible god gets reports from angels, satan etc about whats going on here on earth.

    you have the opportunity to SHOW god whats going on in your area, your experience etc.(Not global).......

    what would you show him?

  • iiz2cool

    I'd show him my anal fissure and ask for some relief.


  • EvilForce

    I would show him what is happening in my 10 block neighborhood. I have lived here for 6 years and never once a knock on the door or a magazine in the door. I work out of my house so I am home during "normal witnessing hours" probably 85% of the time.....FOR 6 YEARS.

    So what else do the witnesses do? Oh that's right nothing!!! Some of the other religious groups? The Unitarian Church I associate with sought out local help for "construction related experience" to help build the Buddhist Temple. When the Temple was "dedicated" hundreds from the community attended. It sought volunteers to help run the "soup" kitchen for those less fortunate. It also took lead role in organizing volunteers for a local community event.

    The local Baptist Chuch down the street sent me a mailer and called on the phone to see if I had anything to donate to help a local family that lost things in a fire.

    One of the beach community churches had a "come help us clean up the beach day" open to all to help.

    So the witnesses have shown the preaching work to be severely lacking.

    Other groups, are feeding the poor, helping build community, helping to clean and maintain our enviroment, and helping those suffering diasters.

    "By their own works may you judge them".

  • Dustin

    I would show him all the good people he would destroy by killing all those not JW. I would also show him how evil the JW's really are in my local community.

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