the divine conspiracy by dallas willard

by seesthesky 2 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • seesthesky

    hi - any of you read the divine conspiracy by dallas willard? - if so, any comments on his work? know anything about the guy? tia

  • Noumenon

    Hi seethesky,

    It's not nice when everyone ignores your thread, so I had a look at this book via Amazon. All the comments about it seemed extremely positive. The book seems a very good one for those who still regard themselves as a Christian and have a Christian faith they want to hold on to (many on here don't have that so perhaps that's why no one has responded to you).

    Have you read the book, or where you going to buy it and just wanted some opinions first?

  • seesthesky

    Thanks for the reply. I have read most of the book - what many on amazon say about it is true for the most part. I just wondered if anyone here had read it.

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