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    I live in an extended family of Jehovah?s Witnesses, consequently I am often asked why I "dont accept the truth". Long ago I found that it was always best to keep my answer short, to the point and non-confrontational. Those in a similar position to myself might find my usual response of interest.

    All my family are aware that I did extended research into the Watchtower religion at the time I studied with the Witnesses. The fact that I was told that this was forbidden made me determined to find out what they were hiding, so they realise that I know things that perhaps others would not.

    I simply say to them that my research showed that the Witnesses had a belief system that was founded upon their own unique interpretation of the Bible. This, in turn, was based upon their own unique interpretation of Bible chronology. Since all available evidence points to the fact that their version of Bible chronology is completely inaccurate, this must lead to doubts about everything else connected with their interpretation of the Bible. Consequently this must lead to serious doubt about all of the religious teachings that are unique to them.

    I have never been asked to expand on this. However one of my more intelligent relatives did once say to me that he knew it wasn?t reality, but he just did not need me to destroy his dream world. I do know that if any of them were to apply the same level of intelligence, reasoning and logic to the "truth" that they have to apply to most other areas of their lives, they would never be able to remain "in it". I believe that most of them realise this also.

    I have an excellent relationship with my relatives because we have this understanding; I won?t give them facts that are unpalatable to them if they don?t try and convert me. It works well.

    My reasoning is in fact a bit less complicated. I have always found that the Jehovah?s Witnesses in my family felt that they were a very superior class of people who belonged to some sort of exclusive club. Everything and everyone that was not part of this club was unworthy of their attention, was evil and should be destroyed. Sometimes I would see little huddles of them whispering together and I would overhear them criticising the club or other members of it in an extremely hypercritical way. I realised a long time ago this was not for me and that I could never be a part of it.


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    it is the very answer i have decided to give too....any time now

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    You have put into words so well what I have been trying to say to people still "in it". I will keep a copy of you post if you don't mind in case I can persuade my friends to read it.

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    First of all, sorry to hear about the form of exclusion you experience in your family.

    I too like your answer.

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    Really well put, link. Thanks.


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