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  • Noumenon

    A close friend of mine who is a faithful dub told me today that he had recently been asked by one of the elders to record the number of persons in the congo who had answered up during the Watchtower. No names were to be recorded, just the number of individuals out of the whole congo that had answered up.

    I've never heard of this before, despite being raised a JW? Do you think it's just an ad hoc thing, an idea just by that elder/congo/CO, or could it be a new trend tracking policy for the whole org?

  • the_classicist

    I can see how it can be any of the options. I mean, the elders tend to do statistics all the time, and you have to wonder: for what? Maybe they'll come out with a new article on meeting participation.

  • blondie

    I think it is one of those in-house things, though it might have been suggested by a CO upon observing few answered during his visit.

    My question is of what use is the info when they gather it? Is there some magic number/percentage that determines the "spiritual health" of a congregation?

    I heard an oldtimer once remark that if the elders/wives, MS/wives, regular pioneers answered just one question at each meeting they wouldn't have to worry.

    I was a "bailer-outer" commenter. I would see that no one was answering and let the conductor hang for a bit then I would raise my hand.


  • talesin


    I was a "bailer-outer" commenter. I would see that no one was answering and let the conductor hang for a bit then I would raise my hand.

    I can see you doing that! hahaha what would they do without the smart wymmin??

    ... at least you made `em work for it .... hahaha ... right on!


  • BluesBrother

    I agree with Blondie, no doubt a local thing. Somebody has raised the issue of comments at an elders meeting and they are determined to get 'evidence'. I recall at one time thr P O used to quietly go to the back of the hall during the meeting and tick his register of who was in attendance, for 'statistics' We found that few were attending more than 75% of the meetings. The survey was dropped after a while.

    This case of answers, sounds like they want an excuse to change the Watchtower study Conductor.

  • Gill

    If I remember rightly, for as long as I was a JW, which was nearly forty years, there was a record kept at every book study I went to of who attended. The book kept the name of each person in the group and they were ticked off if they attended, marked as 'sick' if they were ill, and absent if no one knew why they weren't there.

    Was this the same in everyone elses congregation?

    I know it's slightly off topic, so my apologies but I thought it could be in line with record keeping.

  • peacefulpete

    yes we did the same survey, the results were used to counsel the congo about participation.

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