Ever placed "Christian Freedom" at the doors?

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  • El blanko
    El blanko

    Well, amazingly, I just passed on the book to a sister who knocked my door this morning, after a long, long chat.

    What amazed me I suppose after isolating myself in my bubble for many years now, is that JWs are basically humans afterall. With a great degree of social apprehension towards us ex-JWs of course, but never the less, human.

    I assured her I had faded away, but still retained a moral code of behaviour. She relaxed at that point. Knowing that I hadn't been disfellowshipped.

    I think she must have been visually put off by my hair and beard, but we got over that hurdle

    We discussed apostacy (or the societies view I should say). The gospel accounts which emphasize Christ, in many ways before Jehovah.

    etc etc

    I asked her not to return visit, so she took the book and we parted on good terms. I do believe she will attempt to read it. I pointed out that if she showed the elders, she would most likely be frowned upon and told not to read it.

    At which point we discussed truth and what it actually means to pursue truth. We agreed that one should be willing to put ones belief system to the test.

    So - heres hoping that at least one of the local established and mature witnesses will take a look at the organization through a different set of eyes.

  • JW83

    Great work! I wonder if she will read it ...

  • vitty

    You told here not to return??????

    Dont you want to know if it worked, and what about your book, dont you want to have it back,?

    You could then lend it to someone else

  • JW83

    Good point! Maybe we could make up a field service report for you - return visits & placements!

  • El blanko
    El blanko

    Its a difficult situation I'm in, for many reasons

    I ordered another copy of the book after the visit online, and told her she was welcome to keep my copy.

    She can contact me via friends if needs be. I simply don't want to get into the routine of having pointless return visits, when it is obvious that I have a mind of my own.

    I will find out indirectly whether the book has been read.

    I told her if she chose not to read it and wanted to get rid of it, I'd understand. Which I do of course.

  • TheListener

    Wow! Did you know the sister before this conversation? I can't believe a witness took the book? It's kind of thick to hide in the bookbag you know! Your posting made my day, thank you El Blanko

  • El blanko
    El blanko

    Hi - " The Listener " & thanks for your comments.

    I do remember the sister vaguely - she went to another congregation you see and while talking to her the penny dropped! She didn't really know me though, but reckoned that she had seen me in the area a few years ago.

    Well, if anything transpires, I'll let you know.

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