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  • Shining One
    Shining One

    Hi Friends,
    What the Bible says about Heaven:

    *** Rbi8 Hebrews 11:12-16 ***
    12 Hence also from one [man], and him as good as dead, there were born [children] just as the stars of heaven for multitude and as the sands that are by the seaside, innumerable. 13 In faith all these died, although they did not get the [fulfillment of the] promises, but they saw them afar off and welcomed them and publicly declared that they were strangers and temporary residents in the land. 14 For those who say such things give evidence that they are earnestly seeking a place of their own. 15 And yet, if they had indeed kept remembering that [place] from which they had gone forth, they would have had opportunity to return. 16 But now they are reaching out for a better [place], that is, one belonging to heaven. Hence God is not ashamed of them, to be called upon as their God, for he has made a city ready for them.

    All the other scriptures talked about are quoted at the bottom of this article for your viewing.

    *** w89 10/1 15 Do You Condemn the World Through Your Faith? ***
    21 The Scriptures clearly show what is needed to survive the great tribulation: a strong faith. Noah had such faith, but do you have it? If you do, like him you will become "an heir of the righteousness that is according to faith." (Hebrews 11:7) Noah survived the God-decreed destruction that came upon his generation. Not only did he live for 350 years after the Flood but he is to be resurrected with the prospect of living on earth forever. What a grand blessing! (Hebrews 11:13-16) You can share in that blessing with Noah, his family, and millions of others who love righteousness. How? By enduring to the end and condemning the world through your faith.

    Does Hebrews 11:13-16 say that? Where is the Society getting this interpretation from these verses?

    *** w83 3/15 21-2 "Be Joyful Forever" ***
    TRULY, we can be most joyful that the Messianic King, Christ Jesus, now reigns in a heavenly "Jerusalem." This is the city "belonging to heaven" mentioned in Hebrews chapter 11, and for which Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 'reached out.' They "publicly declared that they were strangers and temporary residents in the land" of Canaan, for they were earnestly seeking "the city having real foundations, the builder and maker of which city is God." But as with the "great crowd," who today have hope of everlasting life on earth, the "fulfillment of the promise" to those men of old must wait until anointed Christians have received their inheritance in the heavenly Kingdom.—Hebrews 11:8-16, 39, 40; Revelation 7:9.

    Read Hebrews 11:12 it speaks of a multitude & innumerable which would mean the great crowd, now read verse 16 which says "But now they are reaching out for a better [place], that is, one belonging to heaven." Rev 7:9 speaks of the great crowd before the throne and before the Lamb. Now where is the throne before the Lamb located?

    Does anyone know how to explain this inconsistency in the explanation?

  • Stormy

    The scripture clearly says:
    "multitude & innumerable" that has to be the great crowd

    “But now they are reaching out for a better [place], that is, one belonging to heaven.”
    It doesn't say paridise earth..

    I have to research this further.



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  • Persk

    I am also a little confused about this topic. The context prior to Heb 11:12 specifically refers to Abraham. Then this verse continues and refers to his descendants as the multitude and innumerable, as does the correlating record in Gen 15. Heb 11:13 says they all died. If this record pertains to the future 'great crowd' of Rev 7:9, how could they all die since some will survive the great tribulation?

  • Stormy

    I was researching the Heb 11:12-16 scriptures some more, and found this in the Watchtower

    *** w94 5/15 30 Coping With Homesickness in God's Service ***
    If they had kept remembering and longing for the place they had left, they would have had opportunity to return. But they were reaching out for a better place—ultimately life on a paradise earth under God’s heavenly Kingdom.—Hebrews 11:15, 16.

    What bothers me is, this scripture does not say paradise earth, but says Heaven. Why would the Society use this scripture when it doesn't say paradise earth?

  • Ben

    Stormy: Have you found anything else on this?

  • lv4fer

    You will find no scriptures that says christians are looking forward to an eartly resurrection. Because there are none. The society is very wrong.

  • sacolton

    What does 2 Peter 3:15 mean?

    "But according to His promise we are looking for new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells."

    Is this scripture saying the Jehovah God will create everything over from scratch and that righteous ones will live in both a new Heaven and a new Earth? I know as a ex-JW that we don't believe the Earth will be destroyed, but slowly changed into a Paradise Earth, but that isn't clear as to what exactly is "new earth".

    - sacolton

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