what were some of the comments at the meetings on that lesson?

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  • sowhatnow

    the lesson the past sunday that everyone is talking about, with' the basement club',

    what were some of the comments[ that anyone who does go to the meetings],  you may have recalled hearing as to this photo?

    I mean has anyone right out asked one of the members at the hall,  what they are hiding from?

    im so curious what the brain dead people said about that photo .

    i have yet to have time to look at scriptures that  toss this idea in the trash.

  • skin
  • brandnew

    @sowhatnow..... ive learned that this religion has taken so muchof my time , and energy already....it doesnt deserve my research into scripture anymore.

    Its like that song we used to sing ....where 10,000 people were gonna be dead at our right hand, ...but dont worry.....like that little girl in that picture is worrying......ha ha.....like i said...not worth the time anymore.....never was.

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