Must have used the force Luke, right?

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  • Seven

    Ever wonder why the women of Luke 23:55-56; 24:1-2
    fame would have bothered making the trip to anoint
    Jesus' body? They had witnessed his burial. They knew that an enormous stone had been rolled in front of the tomb-making their entry physically impossible. I wonder how they'd planned on entering the tomb?


    ~...let the women keep silent...for it is not permitted for them to speak.~

  • waiting

    Hey Seven,

    Good point......never thought about it.

    But, being a good jw woman, I probably wouldn't have asked aloud about it either (at least not to a brother - we women used to murmur a lot amongst ourselves!)

    I reread those scriptures. I seem to remember a talk about that stone - it was a big one. Did those two women expect to role it away themselves? Doesn't seem logical. What were they going to do - ask Roman soldiers to do it for them? Use their feminine wiles? Doesn't seem logical either.



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