Moyle, Olin R. (Olin Richmond), 1887-1966

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  • lurk

    I was wondering if anyone knew anything about him.?

    the princeton library has got diarys and papers etc he wrote from when he was attorney for the WTS . the diaries date from 1931-1951 Theres also an unpublished book manscript called "christs glorious church" and also discriptions of legal proceddings.including some of J F Rutherford.

    princeton said that the diarys have never been published and no i cant get copies, but could see it by visiting whoich is not possible for me.

    Has anyone seen the diaries ,the book or legal papers? or do they know anything about it ? i think it sounds really interesting and would love to know more.


  • Leolaia

    Sounds very, very interesting. I've read the court transcript, but had no idea there were diaries. Might be worth a look sometime. Wonder if the diaries might have some new info about Bonnie Boyd....

  • kgfreeperson

    How did you find out about them? Was he a Princeton alum? What an interesting find ! I wonder if Penton has read them.

  • onacruse

    One thing I remember is that, in the course of Olin's evisceration by Rutherford, a demand was made that everyone at the Bethel breakfast table stand up as a show of support for Rutherford's actions.

    Olin's son was in Bethel at the time, and he remained seated!

    Some months later, a letter from him was published in the Watchtower, recanting his objection.

    I posted about this some time last year, but I can't find the info (direct quotes from the WTs).

    If you're really interested in this, let me know, and I'll try to dig it up.


  • DocBob

    You can find the text of Moyle's letter to Rutherford on my site at

    (It's in "Content" under "Documents")

  • lurk

    Doc Bob thank for that addy i didnt know anything about moyle and his complaint and suing the WTS i search under the name olin moyel after reading your letter and found even more so thanks alot for that.

    leoliia thats what iw as thinking he was alive through the early part of WTs history i bte thosie diaries and that unplublished book containe the early phrophices the WTS spouted..the book would be especially interesting as it might have unpublished info on the WTS belifs

    kg freeperson

    i think iwas searching for info on the WTS a while back and came across the library entry on the rpinceton library page i wrote to them about the material but was told id have to arrange a visit to see it .

    heres the contact info for anyone interested in seeing it.ive just emailed her again to ask more info about how they came by the collection.

    Princeton University Library
    Department of Rare Books and Special Collections

    For further information on this collection
    Consult the Department's Reference Librarian
    Meg Rich

    Tel: 609-258-3184
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Craig yes i would be interested to know more about olin moyle and his son ..if you dont mind digging it up ..thaks very much .


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    if i remember correctly. the prinston library, has a large or complete collection of Golden AGE mag.s someone may want to check this out. john

  • MerryMagdalene

    Re-reading Olin Moyle's letter to JFR listing his complaints about the way things were being run and how JFR had nice houses for his own use in California, Staten Island, and elsewhere, while the Bethelites slaved away in lousy conditions got me to wondering if there is any interesting info on any of those other places in addition to Beth-Sarim and Beth Shan (possibly including the people who took care of them)? If so, maybe someone could start a thread about that, too.

    All I was able to find so far was a basic description of the 2 1/2 story, 24-room house on Staten Island (known as the "Big House") that accompanied the WTB&TS's radio station (WBBR). It was part of a 30- acre farm that raised food for the Bethelites, and had a swimming pool, cannery, barn, 2 green houses, 20 chicken houses, and a generator plant sufficient to serve a town of 30,000. It was sold (minus 12 acres) in 1957 for $133K and was located at 111 Woodrow Rd in Rossville.


  • onacruse

    lurk, I did a JWD site search, but didn't find that post.

    I'll have to get out my CDs and recapture the info.

    May take a couple of days.


  • lurk

    onacruse okay ta


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