Farewell to Existance

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  • Seven

    I've spent some time over at the Starlite Cafe Poet's Corner-some great stuff. I've found many poems to copy in my journal. I find this very theraputic. After I copied this one I realized how important it is to pay attention to those subtle cries for help and to be a friend even if it isn't always pleasant or convenient.
    Farewell to Existance
    In a tragic life she dwells,
    alas, unsure the reason.
    Stripped of naive childhood,
    raped of happiness,
    so long ago known.
    Layers of anguish weigh upon her heart.
    They deliver only pain,
    accompanied by tears that overwhelm her soul.
    Destruction seems her solitary relief.
    Peace disguised by death.
    Darkness envelops her sanity,
    beckoning her spirit.
    Her will to continue regresses,
    until nearly invisible.
    No longer alive but in body,
    she entrusts that, too,
    into the unknown.
    While whispering farewell to existance.-Jayda

  • RedhorseWoman

    Been there, done that. Was told by an elder that it "wouldn't look good to the world" for him to visit with a severely depressed sister alone in her apartment....even if she did say she wanted to die. Was told by supposed best JW friend that she was "too busy" to spend an evening to prevent a suicide. Only thing that worked was that I passed out before I could take sufficient pills to finish it. Glad it didn't work, though.

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