Week from hell

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  • Kismet

    No need to reply but I am in need of venting.

    Let's see where to start? Oh let's start on Sunday afternoon when I am informed that Australia is off now. The manager who offered me the job spoke out of turn and her boss has told her not to replace the guy who quit.

    Sunday night - My monitor completely fries. smoke no power the works.

    Monday - some jerk rear ends me while I am at a red light.

    Today I was told that I am on a 30 day probation period for breaching confidence? What did I do? I showed a website under cosntruction to one of the senior managers that provided me content for the page. I told her that it was not supposed to be for public viewing yet and to keep it to herself. She goes and tells my manager that she saw the site. So I breached confidence. STUPID!!!! I hate bureaucracy!!!

    So this 30 day probation is more like a 30 day notice. I am sure they are hoping I just quit. [>:(]

    sigh ..I need a break.


    PS - Thanks 7 for the poem in this section. All I can say is Amen.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Kismet *****HUGS*****

    So sorry to hear about how rotten everything is right now. Hopefully, things will start to straighten out. Sending good vibes for you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Seven

    Kiz, My observations from your week of hell.

    ...Australia is off now. The manager who offered me the job...

    Wants one of two things. 1. Your job.(so she can screw you over while your gone.) or 2. Your ass.

    My monitor
    completely fries.

    Pour your beer into a sport bottle next time and don't set it on top of your monitor!

    some jerk rear ends me while I am at a red light.

    And you wonder why no one drives the Testarossa!What did I do?Nothing. Leave Mr. NiceGuy at home-learn to be a bastard at work, and these things won't happen. Mr.NiceGuy is great at public relations-he can help influence people but Mr. Bastard is
    never on probation.

    ...she goes and tells my manager[/quote]Enter bitch #2, who also wants your job.
    I am sure they are hoping I just quit.[/quote]Leave on your own terms, Kiz. Try a new approach-go to work dressed as a lumberjack.
    IMO, the only person who you can ever trust to look out for your interests is yourself. Work to live, not live to work.
    The poem about depression was a good one, I thought. Sometimes it's more like taking it one minute at a time, rather than one day at a time.

    hang in there,

  • Kismet

    Thank you for your kind words and Seven - your sage comments again are priceless.

    It is time for Mr bastard to rear his ugly head. The shock is over but it is time to apply the ole "I will not go quietly into the night" philosophy.

    As one of the old Society lawyers used to say to me, "There is a time to be a lion and a time to be a lamb. Usually more good can from the lamb approach but never be afraid to use the lion" Though he claim exclusive rights to being the lion at all times, the theory is sound.

    I am a nice guy. But once I get my back up or put into a corner it is not pretty.

    Kismet - who is channelling the anger better now.

  • waiting

    Hey Kismet,

    On money: It is difficult to love mankind unless one has a reasonable private income and when one has a reasonable private income one has better things to do than to love mankind. Hugh Kingsmill

    On the Society: The poor will inherit the earth but the rich wil inherit the church. James A. Pike

    On you: The best years are the forties; after fifty a man begins to deteriorate, but in the forties he is at the maximum of his villainy. H.L. Mencken

    Don't mean to rush your age, but give 'em hell.


  • spectromize


    Sounds like your on the survivor series. You made the fatal mistake of trusting someone with very private info in the corp. world of corporate ladder climb.

    If you are a lion, strike back swiftly and with the agility of a monster cat. By this I mean by the time they find out what's happened to them they will have been gobbled up.(Dig something up on them)

    IT means don't be so nice, and I'm just as disappointed in you that your not going to Australia because of a back stabber.

  • Pathofthorns

    (Sorry for rear-ending you man)


  • Simon

    Hi Kismet - hope things pick up for you.
    I went through a bad experience with an employer a few years ago but things are a lot LOT better now. In hindsight, I think they did me a favour - I would hate to imagine myself still there instead of where I am now. Quadrupling my salary was nice too

    - Simon

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  • Prisca


    You almost came to AUSTRALIA???


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