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  • heart2heart

    I have a program that has the KJV of the Bible, and it allows me to install other Bibles to compare translations. I want to install the NWT from the Watchtower CD and I can't figure out the "path" for the directory, to tell this program where to find it. Can anyone help me out? Also, does anyone else know of other "online Bibles" that I could download?



  • garybuss

    Maybe you can get NWT from web at:

  • PinTail

    You have to instruct your computer to down load the program as soon as it reads it that is if it does not have the comands already on the disk to do so.

    Now some programs will not let you down load the contents to the hard drive, mostly old ones, prier to 1994 or so.

  • heart2heart

    Could you clarify that a bit for me? The program I am using is called "Online Bible", it is new and updated. I have managed to upload different translations into this program, but I have no idea where the bible is on the WTS cd.


  • AlmostAtheist


    I have a bible doo-dad on my Palm. It will only read bible translations that have been properly formatted for the program. I would bet your program is similar. Did you have to load translations that were provided by the program creator? I found the NWT formatted for my program, otherwise I couldn't have loaded it.

    Side-note: When I whipped out my Palm to read the verses the elders mentioned in Gina's JC, one of them quickly asked me, "Is that a recording device?" I just looked at him, to let him sweat for a minute, then told him it was just my Palm. So fun...


  • Satanus

    What format does the program require for bible texts?


  • jgnat

    Kewl, AlmostAthiest. I used e-Sword for my palm downloads, but I never did find a NWT version. I was under the impression that the Watchtower Society was keeping their e-version under lock and key. I also thought I read that the loyal JW site operator that WAS offering such downloads has humbly shut down their site on instructon from his local elder body. heart2heart, you will not be able to download a readable version to your program directly from your CD.

    BTW, my little pocket PC ALSO has a recording feature. I managed to record a few seconds of "unequally yoked" blather at one of the district conventions. Neat, huh?

  • IP_SEC
    I was under the impression that the Watchtower Society was keeping their e-version under lock and key.

    Heh you right. lock MEPS key MEPS encryption key

    talkin out o my arse

  • AlmostAtheist

    To this day, my father-in-law thinks MEPS can translate, he even buys that "vodka is good, but the meat is rotten" mis-translation urban legend.

    Heart, it sounds like the Bibles are formatted for the program (reading from, is that the program you're using?) so the chances of finding a NWT for it are small. I looked around on Google and Groups, but I didn't find anything. Of course, you could format it yourself... would take a few years of work, and then the Watchtower legal department would sue you outta yer socks, but Hey, everybody's gotta have a hobby!



  • heart2heart

    Atheist: I'm not sure I have that much time on my hands! lol I have checked out E-Swords, not sure yet if their downloads will be compatible with the Online Bible program. I've searched the web too and haven't found a version that is downloadable.

    Thanks everyone for your help!


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