Goodbye Joe

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  • Pathofthorns

    Probably many of us lurk over at H20. I have for a long time but never posted.

    No doubt any who have, have read of Joe Mesko's passing away.

    I doubt there was an online personality with so striking of a style and personality on any of the boards. His biting sarchasm and every post with an edge to the humour in it made it an interesting and fun read.

    Although I don't know him, I will miss him.

    Goodbye Joe.


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  • Seven

    I will miss Joe. He was one bright beacon on the shore of life-what a sense of humor. I didn't know him either but benefited from his work. I always looked forward to his posts.
    Rest in peace, Joe.


  • Zep

    Oh, The name Joe Mesko didn't ring a bell at all with me...but thats WITNETOBSERVER!.He gave me some very helpful replies to some of my posts.I only knew him by the tag Witnetobserver...and only over the NET...but i still got a little shock to find out he died.He was a mainstay over at h20.

    Gone to a better place huh!

  • RedhorseWoman

    That was really shocking news. I didn't know Joe too well, but we did e-mail several times. He was only in his 40's.

    From what he had told me, he was never a JW, but his first wife was, and the breakup of their marriage was due mainly to the influence of the JW's.

    He was very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor.

  • Jokemyster

    this makes me sad also, we use to email often, he had such a sence of humor, sometimes when he infiltrated the witless board and caused so much havoc, I had to laugh ,but had emailed him to lighten up...i think I have some pics of him in his Miata.

  • Simon

    Yes, I was very sorry to hear this.
    I only swapped several emails with him a few months ago but always enjoyed reading his posts over at H2O and other places. He did some great research and found out a lot of interesting stuff.
    I also enjoyed the chaos he caused at
    I'm sure I won't be the only one to miss him and hope that the work he has done so far can be carried on even half as well by others.
    Goodbye Joe.

  • Maxee

    Joe helped a lot of people learn their way around the computor. And yes what a laugh when he got on the witless discussion board. I too am very saddened and will always be reminded of him when I practice and use some of the things he taught me.[url]|AMP|+Events&DaysPrune=30&article=000352&startpoint=[/url]
    Goodbye Joe

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