Fighting carrots with carrots....MY turn to hold the stick!

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  • AloneinOh

    Lately I have been working on a letter to my parents to try and explain my life and what brought me to this point. I have been out for 20yrs now but jw beliefs were still always in my head and had an influence on my life up until now. Never had a birthday party, never had a christmas celebration, and even refused blood transfusions twice (idiot!)

    It's not going to be a jw bashing letter, but more of a, why I love my parents, letter. I am offering all of my unconditional love but will also be telling them that I have no intention of ever becoming a jw again. I won't go into great detail but will mention two of my reasons as being the UN mess and the 607 lie. My comments on these things will be as short as possible, only a few sentences each. Hopefully the low key approach will keep any tempers from flaring. My parents are always pretty calm and I have never really seen them lose their tempers. This is definately to my advantage.

    I had kind of a brainstorm today. Why not, in this very same letter, offer them a way out of this situation. Tell them that if they can prove that it is made-up apostate lies......jws have to be the true religion and I will gladly return to the fold and be a model witness.

    It will have to be worded exactly right, but this may be just the thing to put them to thinking and looking into it. If they try to prove me wrong, they will find that they can't. Hmmm....might even accomplish several goals.

    What do you all think? Does it sound like something worth considering?

  • GetBusyLiving

    I doubt you will get anywhere with this dude. I guess its worth a shot. Welcome to the board by the way, I also disassociated not long ago.

  • AloneinOh

    It's allllll in the presentation. Never say never. Where there is a will, there is a way.

    It's not going to be some sort of a direct challange. I need to play the psychology game rather than push direct evidence in their faces.

    Welcome to you too!

  • TheEdge

    Difficult without knowing what they will actually take notice of - a lot of JW have closed their minds to the thoughts of others. Maybe you could mention that you are afraid of being stumbled by false prophets? (you can add a Scripture or two here) - and then go on to the predictions about Armageddon. Usually JW have the argument that man makes mistakes - but the Anointed have a MASSIVE responsibility, and it is a mistake they have repeated. Quite a few false prophets and prophesies there! That will lead you to the 1914 issue, itself based on a lie of manipulated dates and Russell's fascination with pyramids. Again, you can point out that you want to worship GOD and NOT the results of a man's hobby - there is a Scripture which states, ''Interpretations are up to God''.

    Are they aware of the UN fiasco? Maybe you could print off the letter from the Internet (I have, just in case!). Sadly, they may be gullible enough to believe the Society's excuse... BUT YOU can maintain that YOU are being faithful to GOD, by keeping away from the things which Jehovah detests (and you can point out that THEY, your parents, have taught you to do so and supported you in doing this - and thank them!)

    Sorry not much help - keep us posted on the outcome - if I can help in any way, PM me

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