Peak Oil - a JWs dream?

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  • julien

    I was surprised I couldn't find any threads on this topic. The future is looking very bleak. Between oil, water, the bubble economy and America's out of control energy use, the world is looking to get pretty bad in the coming years. JWs (and other religious groups no doubt) will see this as the great tribulation. Unfortunately as an athiest I don't see any way out. Any thoughts?

  • stillajwexelder

    In 1972 after the Saudi nationaliztion of the Oil fields the same thing was predicted - in the ensuing 33 years oil consumption has increased, we have had 33 years of consumption and oil reserves and even higher than they were 33 years ago - Read The Sceptical Environmentalist - man is inventive - the more the price goes up the more exploration will be done - stop worrying

  • proplog2

    The sooner the oil is gone the better off we all will be.

  • DanTheMan

    FWIW, I did start a thread on this topic last April that went about 3 pages:

  • mkr32208

    Just another doom's day wet dream... oil will not be the end of civilization... Dumping zillions of tons of toxic waste in the oceans every year... Well now you at least have my attention! I have to agree with proplog on this one though!

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