Some old JW friends coming to visit tonight

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  • coldfish

    Hi all,

    Apart from 3 weeks back when I mentioned here that I ran into an elder at a cafe and told him that I was going to church etc, I haven't seen any JWs since leaving the WT about 15 months ago.

    Curiosity got the better of me yesterday as to what my standing is in the congregation, since admitting to going to another church to an elder I thought they may take some action. So I emailed my once good friend in the JWs to ask if I was disfellowshipped.

    She said that no announcements or anything had been made (perhaps they're all too lazy and apathetic to take action?).

    So I emailed back that I had become a christian and that it's been so long since I've seen her and her husband that I'd love to see them one day and see their wedding photos (they got married after I left). I said I didn't want to tell them too much about being a Christian or going to church so they won't think I'm apostate (though I'm the biggest 'apostate' around ) or stumble then, I'd just like to see them socially.

    To my surprise they agreed and said can they come around tonight to my flat!!

    I had fully prepared myself to them saying that they didnt' think it would be a good idea or anything. So it will be good to see them even just the once because if I do ever get disfellowshipped then they definitely won't be able to see me. So I've bought a bottle of wine to help the evening go smoothly and make everyone relaxed.

    I'll report back tomorrow to tell you how it went or if anything to do with the JWs was discussed.

  • coldfish

    Update: well they've been and gone. We chatted away like old times as though it was just yesterday since we'd seen each other. They didn't seem to care that I wasn't a JW and we kept the conversation away from religion.

    We gossiped about a lot of JWs I knew like who was married, separated or divorced and just general stuff. I brieftly told them I had left the JW as a deliberate decision and was really enjoying my life at the moment and what it was like to step into a church for the first time of my life.

    So all a big non-event really and nothing worth noting for you guys. Sounds like I got a deal compared to some of you who are shunned or only have JWs come around to try and 'encourage' you spiritually.

  • PopeOfEruke

    Coldfish it sounds like you are lucky to have some nice almost-normal friends still in "da troof". Lets pray they get out soon to! Pope

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