The wtbts and broadcast vs the real truth on narrowcast

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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    A central (if not the) pillar of the wtbts mission is to cast broadly.

    It reminds me of those commercial broadcasts (some talkback etc) that become streams of collective and self-encouraging biggotry - kind of like vaccum cleaners that recycle the air and collect the dirt while making a lot of noise - doing a 'good' job.

    But the whistleblowing enlightened are only narrowcasting - what's with this?

  • one

    Any reasonable person having an interest in the jw religion will find a way to search the INTERNET about it.

    If she/he doesn't, i would seay that's negligence and most likely she/he does not search about anything, taking things as served.

    Anyone being inside the jw religion for at least five years should have more than one reason to do some searching.

    How do consider anyone who join (or stay) any religion or organization before searching the INTERNET about it?.

    Even a NARROW-band dial up connection to the internet will do it.

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