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    Im sure there is a thread dealing with this but for some reason I cant search. Mods see the error below.

    Witnesses claim the 144,000 started to be filled at pentacost 33 A.D. Every Christian was of that number. I'm looking for estimates on the size of the Christian population between 33 and 100 A.D. I have to believe taking in to consideration the mass baptisms recorded by Lukus that there had to be more than 144,000 anointed Christians in the 1st century. Any thoughts?

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    fairly recent discussion actually. Try the Google search through j-w.com next time.


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    ahh gracias, this helps a lot

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    Im sure there is a thread dealing with this but for some reason I cant search.

    Google search works the best and using IE 6 works better than Fire fox,Opera or Netscape on this site.

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    that's why they took out the "covenant with you for a kingdom" chapter of United in worship of the Only True God book when they republished it under the name "worship the only true God." they realised it is such B.S. to claim that the only hope from 33 c.e. til c.1935 is heavenly and only 144,000 receive that hope... so they took it out. also, there were 2 other chapters that were removed (including one on abstaining from blood).


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