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  • starcrossedpimp

    It's me again- the pathetic one trying to hold on to my JW girlfriend or "ex" I guess. We haven't spoken in a few days because of course her parents know where I live and they have her cell phone tracked on the internet. She came into the store at which we both work today with one of her old friends who was visiting from another state. I didn't even realize it was her until I got close and then I just walked by without even looking at her. She couldn't have said anything to me anyway because her friend doesn't even know about us. I got extremely irate the rest of the day and still am. I don't know why exactly. I guess it's just because I'm seeing her hanging out with her friend- you know everything seems fine to her. She's not hurting-(although I know she would tell me otherwise. She just has to put on a facade so that no one will wonder what is wrong. So many thoughts ran through my head. Like she's getting over this whole thing much easier than I because she HAS to. It's what she is SUPPOSED to be doing. I think I'm losing my mind in a rage. I think I'm jealous, I don't know. This rift was created between us just because her parents found out and she had to choose between them and me. How pathetic. I guess I find solace in knowing that if she can't run her own life and thinks nothing of human emotion due to something she's supposed to be doing, then I don't need a relationship with her. But I have this hope......this gosh darn

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    Hi SCP! I was thinking about you lately....sorry to see that things aren't working out well for you. You've hit the nail on the head tho, she does have to pretend and is obviously going to do the right thing for her family. It's sad for you, it's hard to deal with, but you will get through this. Every week, because of our son, I have to deal with my ex and his wife who goes out of her way to show me just how "loving" and "kind" she is (NOT). My ex is miserable, but he made his bed.

    I guess I find solace in knowing that if she can't run her own life and thinks nothing of human emotion due to something she's supposed to be doing, then I don't need a relationship with her.'s sad but true, you're lucky you got out before you got more involved. Maybe one day when she's a bit older she'll find her way out, you can still be there for her as a friend. Holding out hope is great, but don't waste too much of your life waiting for her.

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    P.S. You're not pathetic....

  • kls

    she had to choose between them and me. Well not exactly ,it is more like her and her God. I am sure they gave here( The Living in paradise speech) blah, blah. She seems to be going with her life and and you need to to the same. Sorry but most of the time it does end this way and like i said before she knew what the fall out would be before you dated her and she knew what the end result would be . Me personally i would be more at them anything for playing on your emotions.

  • anuva

    dear star

    you have to ask this question from your Gf, dumping whatever negative thoughts and jealously you , have ,

    is she ready to kill your love in her heart and ready to marry with and sleep with and have children any guy , just because she wanted her parents not get angry with.

    if she says yes, then all is done for you dear star..i am sorry , you have to realise , you put your faith in a weak heart that refuses to be strengthened,

    if she says no , you can tell her that you can study and continue the things in 'status quo'

    till she turns 18 and after that you both can marry , whatever their family do .

    ....this is big stake game, i have to put my all to research and learn the filthy insides of WTS,

    but on character of your Gf, depends all.

    you must not assume anything, ask her , for sake of true love in your heart , ask her write to me any time you need to


  • starcrossedpimp

    I was just informed that my precious jw woman(she is 18) drove by my house today when I was out. Be mindful of things:1) her parents know where I live and have driven by my house more than once 2)Her mother doesn't work so she is always home and the father works right in town.3)Everyone knows everyone else in this town, so seeing someone driving down a certain road would probably warrant questioning.4)She has been reproved and said she would start mending her ways. Apparently she can't get away from me. Maybe she IS hurting just as much as I. Anyway, it's quite a risk driving down my road. (isn't that so pathetic?) Goodnight.

  • M.J.

    Sorry, I'm new to your story and don't know much about it. But my insight gained through experience in a nutshell is that in all cases freedom is so much more valuable than slavery--no matter what you gain in slavery. You are free of a potential JW wife and her JW family now. You can only fully appreciate the wonderful freedom you now have after you have becomed enslaved. In my case enslaved means that my wife is a JW and JW issues dominate my life and causes 24/7 stress--especially with respect to what will happen to our family...why the heck am I posting to this board at 3:40 AM when I should be asleep? This is after years of anguish. I could go on about specifics but just wanted to give you a little insight, as one who originally fell in love with a JW but didn't realize what he was getting into...I gotta go to sleep now...

  • SeeSee

    Has it ever ocurred to you that she's using "them" as a way to make an "exit" from your relationship? This would not be foreign to a young woman experienced at lying (as she has done with her parents, and to the congregation when she was sneaking around with you)!

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