(607-587 = 20 ) (1995-1975 = 20 )

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    A topic off the top of my head, as usual...

    607 - 587 = 20


    1995 - 1975 = 20

    WT waited exactly 20 year to drop the "generation" doctrine, fearing Carl Olson was right and the 6000 years WT mentioned could end in 1995 instead of 1975 as previously predicted, but it did not happen either..The waited "millenium' did not start during 1995 either.

    "1914" doctrine remains but will be also dropped totally after GB and FDS members die.

    FDS as institution depends on the 1914 doctrine (2520 years - 1914 = 607 BCE no counting year 0 etc)

    Those who know better at Brooklyn dont do it now because


    the GB/FDS (mainly old members) members are still in power over the corporations and legal dept,


    out of respect and fear that they all GB and FDS collectively die of a heart attack. Really actually they will let them go (die) in peace, instead of great shame..


    religions can not make major changes without causing trauma to members, too many other implications.

    Younger GB members can take the blow or are ready and waiting for the change, new light, at the right time.

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