I Can Feel A "QuickBuild" Comin' On...

by Stephanus 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • Stephanus

    After several years as a pile of rubble, it looks like the Austinmer/Bulli KH is finally being rebuilt (it was destroyed by fire). As we went past it this (Saturday) morning, it was apparent that laying the foundations of another hall was more interesting than field service to quite a number of local Dubs. I noticed that the work was in progress at least a month ago.

    I wonder if, after several years waiting for council approval for the rebuild, and a few months of preparatory work, that the Dubs will have the hide to call it a "quick" build!

  • under74

    they do quick builds in australia?

  • The JellyBaby
    The JellyBaby

    Look for the brother doing refreshments...on his hat he will have HE-BREWS......Original!

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