No, you can't sell Avon at the Hall. But would you like a CO's car?

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  • AlmostAtheist

    I happened upon a web site called the other day and just couldn't believe it. Here is a site that is selling the cars that circuit and district overseers have been driving. They had a contact page to request more info, so I did.

    They mailed me a flashlight/keyring (apologizing that they had run out of their 30,000 pocket calendars) and an offer on a Buick LeSabre. The letter says:

    "Dear Brothers,

    Circuit Leasing Corporation is the agency used by the Branch to care for the transportation needs of the traveling overseers. Each year we replace about 200 cars with new ones that we have purchased, leaving the returned vehicles for sale to the friends all over the country."

    It goes on about how they have all the power options, well maintained, maintenance records available, etc. After apologizing for not having any more calendars, they point me to "our Brothers at Madzay Color Graphics" where I can buy my own calendar, if I wish.

    It finally closes with:

    "Your brothers, Circuit Leasing Corporation"

    The Society SURELY knows they're doing this. Why is this ok? Isn't it profiting from your brothers? Surely these guys knew there would be a novelty attached to owning a 'circuit overseer's car', I would imagine they do a brisk business.

    I couldn't care less, heck, I encourage you to write to 'em so you can get your flashlight keychain. Zach loves his! For that matter, if it's a good deal, buy a car. But the whole idea just smells so bad in light of the Watchtower's constant reminders not to 'profit from your brothers'.


  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    ew. no... it would take days to get that "old JW" smell out of there...

  • Nosferatu

    Yeah! Something free from a brother! Usually they want to take it back when you quit the JWs.

  • xjw_b12

    Seems they have a hard on for Buicks.

    btw the key chain used to be a "No Blood" keychain.

    "No-Blood" Brass Key Chains"

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    btw the key chain used to be a "No Blood" keychain.

    how tacky. talk about "re-gifting".

  • Nosferatu

    There. Let's see if they'll send a gift all the way to Canada. I have no problem milking this!

  • TD


    I took a look and they want new car prices to lease a used car.

    Who could be stupid enough to fall for that?

    ............Oh right ---Nevermind!

  • freedom96

    A couple of years ago, I looked up the site, and contacted them by e-mail.

    I innocently asked how and where they get their cars, and would never give a clear answer. I finally asked if they had anything to do with the WTS and they got pissed, and refused to answer any more e-mails.

    Now, this was not a very good witness. What if I was a eager bible study? What if I wanted to know more about "the truth?"

    Their attitude sucked.

  • orangefatcat

    My sisters husband owns a card lot in the town of B****Ontario. What he does is buys cars for the Society in Canada. He sells them at loss, so he says. But when my brother in law became a witness in 1991/92 he was selling cars to brothers and sisters in the different area congregationsl I bought one from him and it was sour lemon. No help no warantee. A sister bought a 4by4 and she barely had it a few days and the transmission went on it and my brother in law refused to help her out one bit. It wasn't a brand new truck but just the same it was a couple of years and he says that he quarantees his vehicles. I know all of this because I worked for him. You have no idea of the mark up. But I wouldn't trust him ever again. I use to have costumers call me during the day trying to get him to call and return his phone messages. He would be in the office but tell me to tell people to call later or he was away from the office. Most days he never returned his call until people started yelling at me. One sister had to pay 1700.00 for repairs he said weren't covered under his guarantee. He lied to people all the time. He was a cheap skate. Brothers and sisters would drop by during the day. Somedays he had fights with them. One brother bought his daughter a sports car. My sister told me he got it real cheap. And sold it for alot. Anyway something went wrong with it after just a short period of time and this brother was livid. He always claimed he was broke but I know his business was worth at least 1 million. My sister had lavish dinners, they went out alot. Ate in expensive places and stayed in pricey hotels and even one convention he had the penthouse at Toronto's Harbour Front Hotel. They are show offs. and I wouldn't give him the time of day knowing what I know. He is an elder now. Before this he sucked up to elders with money and circuit overseers he would suck up to. It was pathetic. Do I sound jealous. Well I am not I could care less. What pisses me is the fact that they think they have the perfect little family. My mother and father made my youngest sister executrix of her estate and I am the oldest and I never get thought of. Well may be know that I have left the borg. my mother and sisters might miss me. But then I am not sure of that anymore.

    But talking about business was a farce. Everyone in the KH talked business affairs . And I also know that a family in our old congregation had a business family dispute and they wouldn't speak to one another out side or inside the kingdom hall. You could cut the air with a knife. It was bad and then the head of the family and his wife finally left our kingdom hall and all his son and daughter in law talked about how they were done wrong by.

    Orangefatcat has spoken....

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