The face looks familiar, now it's clicked!

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  • qwerty

    I am at work and I have just over heard one of my colleagues speaking to another colleague about religion.

    I was on a call with a customer at the time, I could hear him speaking about Jesus and the randsom. I thought I was hearing things, then the penny dropped. I knew he looked familiar. Talk about not recognising someone in a differant location/setting. Yep he's a JW, and he's was Witnessing to my work mate!

    I nearly asked what religion he was into! I might do next week, I think he will recognise me also from when I visited his KH.

    Anyone else had this happen to them?


  • MungoBaobab

    The opposite happened to me. Once I saw a guy I knew from SOMEWHERE at a D.C. Still to this day I cannot think of where I knew this guy from, but I pretended like I didn't recognize him just the same. I'm sure wherever it was I knew him from I wasn't acting like a good Witness!

  • searcher


    Maybe a quiet word with your workmate is in order to let him/her know what the witnesses are REALLY about?

  • HICFlyGirl

    I had something similar happen to my at work, but it was kinda different. I work for an airline and I had this jackass come up and ask me about a ticket that he had already purchased, (a note to the wise: don't come up to a ticket counter that is frequently checking in passengers to travel on the same day of inquiry. Call the freakin' 1 800 number, jeeessss). Well, this belligerent son of a poop walks up unannounced (another tip to the wise: do not walk up in front of a ticket agent at an airport without being asked to approach the desk, mmmkay. Not that anything bad will happen, but, it will realllllllllly piss off the ticked agent, mmmkay), so he walks up and demands service in regards to his ticket and some other passenger who are traveling with him. Off the bat, I give him a attitude, you know: 'you don't know what your talking about sooo, please leave my counter immediately'. However, I am stuck answering is stupid question (heaven forbid he calls the freakin' 1800 number and gets someone who is hired for this crap), so I answer his question with much hostility, because he is interrupting my alone time with my computer. Low and behold, the poophead has another question, which is rudely interrupted with my colleague (who is a practicing JWbbbbbb) with the imfamous question of, 'Do I know you from somewhere?'. Shoot me. He was some freakin JWd from some freakin congregation near by. At that point I just walked away. Went to the back of our station and read a book. Crap, I'm still pissed.


    P.S. Mad that is. Really disturbed about the situation. Mmmkay

  • Mastodon

    I started my first day in a new workplace and Lo' and Behold! My inmediate supervisor happened to be a super DUB. I was still going to meetings but It was not good having this dub watching over everything I did or said, even if it was not work related. If it happened at this point in my life I would repectfully tell him to go 'F' himself...

  • Sweetp0985

    i posted this a long time ago, but i started a new job as a receptionist and a girl there i recognized as a dub...but anyways..she was talking to me everyday....talking about books we've read that she has or hasn't that she had read was by ZANE...if any of you know about her..she doesn't write any PG books....know what i mean? anyways...i then came to the conclusion she was still a good litlle dub but doing some things un-dublike and so on and so forth..anyways..i never told her i was df'd and she never had any idea that i used to be a dub....anyways lo and behold my dubbie mom came to my job one day and they had a big dubbie greeting my mom mentioned to her i was df'd....she stopped talking to me cold only pissed me off because she was doing stuff that i did and we laughed and talked about it but then because im not a dub no the bad stupid....but she's the better person in their book because she still had the title of JW.....screwy people they are....

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