Trial Begins in Fatal Stabbing of Greenwich Woman!

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  • Voyager

    (Stamford-AP, Jan. 20, 2005 7:25 AM ) _ A three-judge panel in Stamford has begun hearing testimony in the murder trial of a man charged with fatally stabbing his mother in her Greenwich home.

    Sixty-three-year-old Carol Ferenz died soon after midnight of January First of 2004, at the Westchester County Medical Center.

    The prosecutor and the defense both agree that 43-year-old Stephen Ferenz did not know what he was doing during the attack and should be imprisoned in a secure mental-health facility.

    The case posed an unusual judicial and religious issue because Carol Ferenz, a devout Jehovah's Witness, declined a potentially life-saving blood transfusion in keeping with her faith.

    Prosecutors weighed manslaughter charges before charging Ferenz with murder, ultimately deciding that state law warranted the heavier charge though Carol Ferenz had declined medical treatment.

  • Voyager

    Sorry friends. Sometimes these cuts and pastes leave very little to be desired. At least the thread works.


  • euripides

    The sad story here is that I knew this woman (some almost twenty years ago). Her son was deranged even then and apparently refused to take his medicine, which led him to his psychotic state. She struck me as somewhat 'flaky,' a little 'airy,' but she really was a nice lady. The son was never part of JWs though, not as if that would've helped him any.

    The headline grabber in her case, as so many others, is that she died in part out of her refusal to have a blood transfusion. Another martyr produced by scriptural confusion and moral masochism. So entrenched is their belief in this divine 'ordinance' that even if they survived by violating it, their life would not be worth living in their own mind, or perhaps they rather die than deal with the shame and ignominy they might face from the disapproval of their "brothers and sisters."

    My honest opinion is that she was a social misfit some twenty years ago and was attracted to JWs because of the lovebombing and constantly full schedule. No one need be alone anymore if they don't want to be. She was an avid JW literature student and socialized extensively, often inviting "the friends" to her house to enjoy her hospitality. (She was fairly well off.) In some strange karmic sense, it was a trade off--all this 'agape' at a steep price--her life.


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