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  • Golf

    My wife was privately asked by her local hairdresser what she thought of JW's. You see, her and hubby had been studying with the witnesses and he suffered an emotional breakdown. He wanted to give all his money to the witnesses but she put a stop to it. As you women know, there's plenty of gossip in local hair shops. Anyways, my wife said, "Their very good at brainwashing people." The hairdresser, said, I was right, their good at brainwashing people.

    The hairdresser was surprise to learn how many years my wife has stopped attending meetings and associating. This was my wife'e first experienced of someone (outside the family) asking direct questions about JW's. My wife made her day!!!!!!!


  • under74

    well, good for your wife. And I'm glad that hairdresser has some sense and found some validation with your wife.

  • LittleToe

    Sounds like her husband has bought into it emotionally. There could be trouble ahead!
    It never ceases to surprise me how many people latch onto something whereby they think that if they give their all to a religion they earn brownie points with God.

    They ignore the lottery of there being so many religions.
    They also ignore the logical that states that if He's almighty then he owns it all anyway.

    Kudos to your wife. It looks like she was in the right place at the right time

  • Golf

    Thanks Little Toe & Under74. My wife was not a witness at the time of marriage. She eventually associated, but, with reservations. She always knew that something wasn't kosher about the JW's and time proved her right.

    The couple I was referring to, discontinued their study and association with the witnesses after his emotional breakdown. It was a great 'relief' to the hairdresser to hear what my wife had to say. I guess she no longer has doubts.

    One thing about the witnesses, they have endless stories to tell.


  • AlmostAtheist

    Good experience! Remind your wife to count the time, and try to hit her up again later in the week. Then it will count as a return visit!

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