1973 Convention

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  • Bryan

    I'm trying to find the dates of any assemblies in the summer of 1973, in Houston, TX.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • Elsewhere

    Here is a starting point for you...


    (CONVENTION AND PROGRAM REVIEW: WT 10-15-73 pages 629-639
    Awake! 8-22-73 pages 13-16
    Awake! 11-8-73 pages 13-20)

    DAY 1
    (Notice how, prior to 1978, there was no mid-session song, only announcements.)
    (Song numbers are from the 1966 songbook, "Singing and Accompanying Yourselves
    with Music in your Hearts.")

    9:55 Music

    10:00 Song No. 21, Prayer, Daily Text, Convention Preview

    10:15 Address by Chairman:
    "Continue Steadfast as Seeing the One Who Is Invisible"
    (See WT 2-1-76 pages 80-87)

    11:00 "All of You Are Brothers"
    (See WT 2-1-76 pages 88-91)


    11:30 Who Qualifies to Be an Elder?
    (See WT 8-1-75 pages 465-470)

    Victory over the World Without Armed Conflict
    (See WT 11-1-73 pages 648-661)(RELEASE: Kingdom News No. 16, "Is Time Running Out for Mankind?"(tract))

    1:00 Song No. 16


    2:55 Music

    3:00 Song No. 108 and Good News from Other Lands

    3:25 Elders Presiding in a Fine Way
    (See WT 8-1-75 pages 470-475)


    4:15 "Keep Your Senses in All Things"
    (See WT 6-15-75 pages 368-374)

    5:00 Looking to the Future with Confidence
    (See WT 6-15-75 pages 374-380)

    5:30 Song No. 19 and Prayer

  • Bryan

    Thanks elsewhere.

    I'm doing a search on some of the words there.

    Anyone else?



    Have You Seen My Mother

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Sorry Bryan, we drove up to Winnipeg, Canada that year. I'll ask Nina when she gets home tonight. I think she was at the Houston assembly in 1973. In fact we may have one of the programs from that convention somewhere.

    What is it you're looking for exactly?

  • Bryan

    Thanks Chris.

    I'm only looking for "dates" of assemblies in the "summer of '73".


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • Elsewhere

    *** Watchtower Feb. 1 1973 pp. 94-95 "Divine Victory" International Assembly ***


    Victory" International Assembly

    "DIVINE VICTORY" is the theme for the International Assembly of Jehovah?s Witnesses for 1973. In view of the time in which we live, so close to the "great tribulation," the theme "Divine Victory" is stirring indeed! The assembly holds promise of being an outstanding spiritual banquet. Will you be in attendance?

    If you are interested in divine victory and the blessings it can mean for you, we encourage you to make plans now to attend every session of the assembly. This will doubtless mean that you will have to arrange your vacation period soon.

    In most cases the assemblies are five days long. The daily programs at all the assemblies will begin at 10 a.m. and continue for three hours. Starting at 1 p.m. there will be a two-hour intermission for refreshments or cafeteria lunch. The last session of each day will begin at 3 p.m. and run until 5:30 p.m. With perhaps few exceptions in the case of unforeseen circumstances, no night sessions will be held.

    Assembly delegates will therefore be able to get home early for a good night?s rest and be ready for the next morning?s session. No one will have to worry about traveling at night in large cities, especially in areas where night travel is not advisable. There will be time in the evening to review assembly highlights and to fellowship with others where you have your accommodations. While no special meetings for field service will be held at the assembly cities during the assembly dates, many delegates may wish to use part of the early evening to distribute handbills inviting the public to attend the assembly. Others may want to do so in the morning, on their way to the convention site.

    So that you can select an assembly convenient for you, we are setting forth here the dates and places for the "Divine Victory" International Assembly of Jehovah?s Witnesses. Wherever a full assembly program will be presented in a language other than that spoken locally, this is indicated. Doubtless you will want to attend an assembly where you understand the language and thus can get the full benefit from the program. Because of the international aspect of the conventions, however, many witnesses of Jehovah will be traveling to other countries. Also, other readers of The Watchtower may be vacationing in some of these countries and may find it of great interest to attend an assembly in another land. For their benefit, in non-English-speaking countries, there will be some sessions from 8 to 9:30 a.m. in English.



    June 20-24: Detroit, Mich., Tiger Stadium.

    June 27?July 1: Chicago, Ill., White Sox Ball Park. Hallandale, Fla., Gulfstream Racetrack. Hammond, Ind., Hammond Civic Center (Spanish only). Inglewood, Calif., The Forum (Spanish only). Jersey City, N.J., Roosevelt Stadium (Spanish only). Los Angeles, Calif., Dodger Stadium. Miami, Fla., Dinner Key Auditorium (Spanish only).

    July 4-8: Albuquerque, N. Mex., New Mexico State Fair Grandstand (Spanish only). Houston, Tex., Astrodome. New York, N.Y., Assembly Hall of Jehovah?s Witnesses (French only). Pittsburgh, Pa., Three Rivers Stadium.

    July 6-10: New York, N.Y., Yankee Stadium.

    July 11-15: Kansas City, Mo., Royals Stadium. Oakland, Calif., Oakland?Alameda County Stadium.

    July 18-22: Los Angeles, Calif., Dodger Stadium. Philadelphia, Pa., Veterans Stadium.

    July 25-29: Atlanta, Ga., Atlanta Stadium. Houston, Tex., Sam Houston Coliseum (Spanish only).

    October 1-5: Honolulu, Hawaii, Honolulu International Center.


    July 4-8: Vancouver, B.C., Empire Stadium. Winnipeg, Man., Winnipeg Stadium.

    July 11-15: Halifax, N.S., Halifax Forum.

    July 25-29: Montreal, Que., Parc Jarry Park (English and French). Toronto, Ont., Woodbine Race Track (English, Italian and Greek).


    July 11-15: Dublin, Ireland, Main Hall and Annex. Helsinki, Finland, Olympic Stadium, Messuhalli (Finnish and Swedish).

    July 18-22: Copenhagen, Denmark, Copenhagen Sports Park (Danish and Norwegian).

    July 25-29: Düsseldorf, Germany, Sportstadion (German, English and Italian). Nicosia, Cyprus (Greek).

    August 1-5: Edinburgh, Scotland, Murrayfield. London, England, Twickenham. Munich, Germany, Olympic Stadium (German and Greek). Paris, France, Stade de Colombes.

    August 8-12: Brussels, Belgium, Palais du Centenaire-Heysel (French, Flemish, Portuguese and Spanish). Rome, Italy, Flaminio Stadium. Utrecht, Netherlands, Jaarbeurs Auditorium, Jaarbeursplein.


    July 25-29: Osaka, Japan, Festival Plaza of Expo ?70. August 1-5: Seoul, Korea, Soccer Field, Kyunghee University.

    August 6-8: Taipei, Taiwan.

    August 8-12: Hong Kong.

    August 13-15: Manila, Philippines.


    September 12-16: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Hiram Bithorn Stadium (Spanish and English).

    October 31?November 4: Mexico City, Mexico, Arena Mexico.

    November 7-11: Guatemala, Guatemala.

    December 19-23: Managua, Nicaragua(?). San José, Costa Rica (tentative).

    December 26-30: São Paulo, Brazil, Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu. Panama, Panama. Caracas, Venezuela.

    January 2-6, 1974: Asunción, Paraguay. Montevideo, Uruguay, Palacio Peñarol.

    January 9-13, 1974: Buenos Aires, Argentina, Concha de Los Andes, Lomas de Zamora. Córdoba, Argentina, Festirama, Rio Ceballos.

    January 16-20, 1974: La Paz, Bolivia, Coliseo Cerrado. Santiago, Chile (tentative).

    January 23-27, 1974: Bogotá, Colombia, El Campin.

    Quito, Ecuador, Auditorium. Lima, Peru, La Feria Internacional del Pacífico.


    December 5-9: Nandi, Fiji, Utulei Convention Grounds.

    December 12-16: Christchurch, New Zealand, Lancaster Park.

    December 17-21: Melbourne, Australia.


    December 5-9: Monrovia, Liberia, Providence Island. Dakar, Senegal, La Maison de Jeunes.

    December 12-16: Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Boxing Club. Freetown, Sierra Leone, Brookfield Stadium. December 19-23: Cotonou, Dahomey. Accra, Ghana. December 26-30: Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi City Stadium. Lagos, Nigeria (tentative).

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    damn good find elsewhere

  • Bryan

    Wow! ON the nose Elsewhere!

    Many thanks!


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    All may bow and pay homage

    *** Does the Pope Wave ***

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