How long before wireless internet is everywhere?

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  • dh

    For you people interested in the internet and technology, how long do you think it will be before we have wireless internet everywhere? When the net is as freely & readily available as air, all you need do is log on, from anywhere... How long do you think... Five years? Ten years? 20 Years? Never? Anyone any thoughts or expansions on this, what will the world be like then, compared to now?

  • ColdRedRain

    To prepare for the wireless revolution, I'm buying a WiFi adapter for my Palm Pilot. Now I can instantly download JWD threads to show to my mom whenever she gets on her JW's can do no wrong high horse.

  • wanderlustguy

    Actually 5 years is probably about right. Wi-Max is out already with a coverage area of up to 30 MILES from the tower, and all you need is a card...with highspeed technology moving along with Moore's law (everything doubles ever 18 months), and the heavy hitters competing for the biggest slice of pie...should be before the end of this system

  • freedom96

    If we could look 10 years into the future, and see all the gadgets and stuff we will have then, we would be shocked. Things are advancing faster than ever imagined.

    How exciting!!

  • one

    there are "hot-spots" but

    there is no market for service. "everywhere" like for cel phones. Investment required by service providers is too high..

    cel phone will have to be wi-fi capable or eventually 3g capable, it does not make sense having a cel phone AND a palm pilot or similar device. Not too many people walk around carrying a laptop with wireless capability.

    at present cel phones can provide the basic email service etc, but people can wait till get home for broadband service

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    I had wireless service from a company called Monet. It was great to take my laptop anywhere in the service area (pretty much the Duluth-Superior area) and have access to the net. If I took my laptop on the boat I had good signals as far as 15 miles out on Lake Superior. It sucked when Monet went out of business. I thought they were onto a great thing. I do have WI-FI which is ok if I know where a hotspot is. I did read about a company that was experimenting with using power lines for the net. Ultimately they wanted to develop a system that would use the power cord as both power supply and a modem. Just plug into any outlet and you were online. That would be slick.

  • stillajwexelder

    20 years minimu - lets face it - even the internet is not everywhere yet

  • seeitallclearlynow

    I have such a "small town" mentality that I'm still amazed and amused to even see that almost everyone has a cellphone, nevermind wireless internet. I can't imagine how the world will change when there's global wireless access but somehow it seems that it'll be a good thing. Just how many satellites will that take??

    I'm sure that will be abused somehow too, but so is just about everything. I found this article on the subject of expansion:

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