How I felt I lived my life

by duffy 4 Replies latest jw experiences

  • duffy

    To the lowest common denominator; If there was even ONE ignorant soul who believed long hair or an earring on a man meant they were homosexual, or a beard made one a "filthy commie" like Fidel Castro, we had to groom ourselves to impress that slack-jawed yokel.

    I actually heard these reasons come out of an elder's mouth even though we were in an area that was pretty progressive for the 70's, college town and all.

    Glad to be living my life for me, Duffy of the "gettin' my next piercing and first tattoo in two weeks" class

  • SixofNine

    Yes, the Watchtower organization pretty much exposes themselves and pisses in public on the scripture about being all things to all people, and they do it while making alot of noise about being all things to all people.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Yeah, they are pretty controlling lot. Some of the older literature pictures adam in a crew cut! hahaha

    If it's any consolation, duffy, I love the look of long hair on men. You should see my hubby's; below his shoulders and blonde to boot! Yummm

    We both have out tattoos picked out and are just saving the money to have them done.


  • prophecor

    And wouldn't it be nice if they reduced their degree of absolute power over an individual. The beard thing is just beyond me. Control Control Control Control Control!!!

  • duffy

    I had a job that had jw standards of grooming while I was fading so while I was slowly moving north but occasionally running into my old "friends". I still looked the part, and it helped to avoid messy questions and confrontations.

    I was glad to quit that job too. Started growing a goatee while I wrote my letter of resignation.

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