We really have some quality people on this forum!

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  • mjarka911

    I just wanted to say what a nice time I had at our Chicago apostafest last week. Although I had to call it a night after dinner to tuck my little guy in and get to the firehouse, I'm lucky to have met such nice people. The idea of those who left the org standing in darkness and gnashing their teeth is such a crock of shit. The folks I met are genuine, insightful, funny and all around quality people.

    Winston Smith - you're a firecracker! You and your brother were a joy to be around. It's amazing how our experiences are so similar. Maybe we can have dinner sometime again (Us DA'd folk talking to each other and our JW wives lamenting us at the same table would be a hoot. )Keep smiling.

    Evesapple - You are a delightful, beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you got to tuck your little one in too.

    Snapdragon and Mom - You two were a riot. I identified with your sense of humor, the kind that comes from facing real life and winning. Snap - good luck with the baby. PM me where you are registered for a baby shower. You'll make a fun mom.

    Devons Mom - Smart chick, been through a lot, sexy tatoo. I'd be proud to call you a friend!

    Bavman, noapologies and the other Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin clans - thanks for making the trip. Next time I'll travel to meet you guys.

    Bradley - good job as always playing devils advocate (next time lets play hungry, hungry hippo) You always make everyone else welcome and get us thinking (and sometimes arguing!)

    Blondie - I was most looking forward to meeting you. Sorry you weren't felling so well. I'd like to buy you and your husband an expensive glass of wine and hear your tale sometime.

    Thanks again, everyone. No one else understands exactly what we're going through except each other.


  • stillajwexelder

    Sounds like you all had fun which is good and the main thing - hope Blondie is feeling a little better

  • proplog2

    It was an interesting gathering for me too. I got to see first hand the hurt some are experiencing.

  • blondie

    I'm sorry I missed everyone: Irreverent too. But I was having a hard time walking and Irreverent had his annual winter cold. When he takes off work, I know he is feeling really bad.

    We are looking forward to Summerfest with as many of you as possible. We try to go every year as a rule, seeing some individual/group from our "younger" years.


  • devinsmom


    Hey there, it was a pleasure to have met you as well, keep up the good work raisin' your little guy, hope to see ya at the summerfest gathering. April

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