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  • pleaseer2001

    First I would like to say thank you for the offer...But feel you don't understand why I myself have found this site. I can't speak for anyone else here.There are some things I feel I would like to share with you! I have not been part of the org for over 14 years..since I was fifteen.I have accepted the shunning,I have educated myself,and spend many years questioning myself and choicesI have made.The things I have delt with and now belive to be important in my life are things that make me LOVE life and the people who are part of my life! I was scared of my feelings and ways of thinking till I found this board, People who have made me feel welcome(unconditionally) shared their stories, and opened their hearts to me! This is the most I have felt love and acceptance in 14 years. This is not a place to save people or to put your time in. These are people with stories and hearts to share. I think it is important to support what you belive and to stand behind it, but always having respect for those you come across. Respect is something that I belive is earned not just given. So if you feel the need to share your forum all the power to you but have Respect. Go to all the chatt rooms all over not this one, looking to save or teach me something. I don't need articals to teach me, life has already done that! I love my life....and the new people who are now part of it.

    If we looked in a mirror, would you see a smile without question OR

    Look in a mirror,and not seeing reality ,choice, and unconditional understanding.

    Who's Lost you or Me???

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Very pleasant response, pleaseer! Well said.

  • boa

    A reasonable, articulate and thought-provoking post Pleaseer...

    Something seeitallclearlynow might write

    I hope he/she (mchl) listens to it....


  • Hyghlandyr

    he can save me since I am required in my knew religion (infinitheism) to join ALL religions, get saved by all of them and enter the clergy of all of them.

  • bikerchic

    I for one would love to hear mchl's reply to this thread!

    It seems as of late we've had several new members in chat who like to discuss but not post. I for one would be very suspicious of such individuals and not give out much information in chat to them. They seem to be full of questions and offer little about themselves. Be suspicious, very suspicious!


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