Surreal Life

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  • setfree

    Has anyone else watched the new episode of Surreal Life. It looks like its going to be a good one. It has the celebs: China,Chris Knight aka Peter Brady,Mini Me,the male Kalvin Klein model, The first up and coming super model, one of the ex-members of the "Go-Gos and some rapper chick "Da Brat".The first episode was hilarious.

  • sf

    OMG!! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. That was some super funny stuff.

    Mini me is hysterical. And the reactions of da brat were hilarious.

    Chris Knight has aged well and is a sweetheart. It was absolutely one of the funniest things to see when he picked up mini me by the pool and carried him back to bed. LOLOLOLOLOL

    The best part though was when mini drove his scooter down the hall NAKED and pissed in the corner...while STILL in the scooter!! ROFLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

    OMG and the moaning...lolololololololol....he looked like a baby in a crib. ROFLOLOLOL And pawing Chris like a curious monkey. hahahahaha Staring into his eyes. {tears laughing}

    I've never watched this show before today and am sure to be tuning in for the entire season now.


  • setfree

    And China, I think she showed up at the house blitzed. She was walking around with her nipples exposed. I thought it was pretty cool for her to let Mini Me move into his room even though he was a little prick (his own words}. Looks like the following espisodes are going to get pretty riskay

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