Can David beat Goliath again?

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  • Gill

    The WTBTS is a huge multi million dollar industry. We can't possible compare in its wealth. Yet I believe it is more than possible by pointing out just a few of the WTBTS errors of doctrine and policy to bring down this legalistic, fanatical, organization. Just a few points:

    Blood and constant changing policy

    607 BCE and 1914


    Rand Coorporation

    UN scandalI

    t matters though how the 'stone is thrown and where it hits'.

    Any ideas?

  • stillajwexelder

    The pedophile scandal has not gone away and nor will it - each court case puts it back in the news - and all the time there is the Internet so all news goes around the world in minutes - and then there are 4 very elderly old school GB - so combine things together and I think Goliath will come down before 2014

  • Gill

    I hope that you're right.

    The matter of the elderly governing body though..... might they just replace them and the rank and file not even notice.

    I know that my parents and probably majority of relatives have very little idea who's in charge of the GB or even how many or who are in the GB.

    The paedophilia cover up problem, I'm sorry to say that I've heard witnesses claiming it is all internet and media lies and no way can JW really be paedophiles, so I wonder what it would take to make them believe these accussations and guilty verdicts.

  • stillajwexelder

    I'm sorry to say that I've heard witnesses claiming it is all internet and media lies and no way can JW really be paedophiles,

    but many elders and COs know differently -if the elders start questioning - and that is what Bill Bowen of Silent Lambs did - then the WTBTS is caught by the balls

  • Greenpalmtreestillmine

    Yes, I believe "David" can beat "Goliath" again. But just as in the first time he is going to need God's help.

  • Gill

    The treatment of Bill Bowen by the WTBTS though may have scared a lot of elders.

    I have relatives, in their thirties and forties, who are elders and heard them discussing large circuit elders meetings they've been to where they've all been shouted at and bullied by circuit overseers. They're nervous and worried when these things happen never mind revealing any other happenings.

    They all need help to escape. I personally feel pity for all of them. It's very difficult to come to your sense on your own and escape from the WTBTS. It takes immence courage and we should all give ourselves a pat on the back. But some people need help with their courage which is where revealing more and more information on the WTBTS comes in.

    Perhaps Greenpalmtreestillmine also has a point. But if David hadn't have been willing to throw the stone in the first place......

  • Mary

    They may be a multi-billion dollar corporation, but with a little stone call the Internet, David has already wounded Goliath, although Goliath won't admit that he's really been injured.

  • eljefe

    Remember that they have time against them too. That gives them plenty of time to put their foot in their mouth. Also, the more time goes by without an end of world means more attrition of the rank and file.

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