Your Reflections on 2004

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  • eljefe

    What has happended to me this year:
    1. Started fading (yay!).
    2. Happiness (yay!).
    3. Found new friends.
    4. Brother divorced.
    5. Switched over to Linux permanently.

    So what about everyone else?

  • under74

    1. Got used to the Bay Area (California)

    2. Learned that even if I get used to a certain place I still get homesick

    3. Learned that even if I'm paying for advice from people (grad school) it doesn't mean I should take it

    4. Made some new friends

    5. Realized I'm not really over being raised a JW --which led me to this forum

    6. Started talking to friends about how I was raised (it might not be a big thing for others but it was a huge leap for me)

  • Jodo

    5. Realized I'm not really over being raised a JW --which led me to this forum

    under74, that was also the biggest thing in 2004 for me too.... i know just how you feel


  • scootergirl

    2004...where did the year go?

    1. I learned that no matter how big the crisis, how painful the experience, I can get thru something. That I don't have to let what happened make me bitter and synical towards life. That I can still see the good in the world and still enjoy my life.

    2. I learned the true meaning of compassion.

    3. I learned the appreciation of "true" friends and the difference (again) between true friends and acquaintances.

    4. My love for my children just gets deeper and deeper. 2004 brought me a few heartaches but much joy. My children are my life and I am very proud of each and every one of the. I noticed over this past year as they grew older how each of them has an attribute special to their personality.

  • Mulan

    It was a really busy year, that went very fast. Some of the highlights:

    1. Our oldest granddaughter graduated from high school in June
    2. Our 8th grandchild was born in August
    3. One of our grandsons started Kindergarten in September
    4. We bought a new car, finally, in October
    5. Our youngest granddaughter ran the Seattle Kid's Marathon (cumulative 25 miles)
    6. Our daughter ran the Seattle Marathon in November
    7. I got a digital camera for Christmas
  • Brummie

    I think everyone moved at a different pace to me during 2004, so I'm still trying to catch up.


  • stillajwexelder

    George Bush won - thank goodness

    I got promoted

    The terrorist Arafat died

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