Marine on liberty dies in gunbattle with police

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  • dh

    I saw this story on the news last night, it showed the full video of the guy gunning the cops down point blank, they had no chance really, you could see he was trained to do the job.

    Did this story make headlines over there or is it being kept quiet?

  • Valis

    PTSD is very real and very scary. My friend came back from Iraq the first time and he was quite diffeent...I couldn't put my finger on it until I noticed he couldn't quite finish sentences without pausing notably several times...not normal for him of old. Sad indeed.


    District Overbeer

  • under74

    Really sad. Saw his parents on the news and my heart went out to them. His mom looked like she was in total shock and said her son was saying he didn't want to be sent back to Iraq.

    A friend of mine recently called me to tell me a mutual friend (now home from Iraq) is a completely different person. I haven't spoken to him (the guy back from Iraq) yet but I knew him as a quiet guy.He never drank.He was Catholic and attended church regularly. He was pretty shy but always stopping arguements and fights between others even if they were strangers. The friend that called me said they had gone out to a bar and our mutual friend back from Iraq wouldn't stop drinking and kept picking fights with people--getting in peoples faces and threatening them. After leaving the bar, this guy broke down in tears and said something to the fact that god would never forgive him but he wouldn't say for what. The friend that called me was freaked out by it all...because this is not the same guy that left two years ago and it's seems he's verging on a breakdown. I'm hoping he's able to get help but I'm not sure where he can get it from.

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